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Start my own business at the age 16 ? ?

I know I'm allowed to start my own business, but what business would be good to try out for example window cleaning car wash etc

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    Get an internship/job at a videography place first to see how the business works you'll learn a lot about what you'll need and the things you need to take care of to start a business in the future. That's only if you want to create a big video/film company in the future, if not then go for it. :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Let’s face it; today’s economy leaves something to be desired for job seekers actually, a lot to be desired. It is estimated that there are four applicants for every available position; that gives candidates only a twenty-five percent chance of winning the spot.Recently,there has been a noticeable trend of college graduates trying to take these odds and stack them in their favor.Many

    do this by becoming entrepreneurs and initiating their own companies.Quite a few have had major success and provided a much needed boost to today’s marketplace.Small businesses have always been the backbone of the economy; if you have desire to establish your own personal niche in this area, consider the grand notion to start a cleaning business.

    Why Start a Cleaning Business?

    There are a limited number of industries that will never become obsolete, and the cleaning field is one of these elite few.As long as there are people and businesses around that are successful, these entities will need someone to clean up behind them and keep their establishments in pristine condition.That is where you will come in; if you start your own cleaning business, you are all but guaranteed viable employment assuming, of course, that you provide excellent services.Keep your clients happy and they will keep you in business.

    Hope this helped.Good luck!

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  • 8 years ago

    Both would be good but you might have to have some liability insurance. Lawn mowing or dog walking might be other options.

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