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How do you ask questions on wiki answers?

I have just created an account on wiki answers and I have no idea how I ask a question, please help!

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    To ask a question:

    Start at the green Ask bar at the top of any WikiAnswers page.

    1. Type in your question and click GO. See the Tips below for ways to get your question answered faster.

    2. Step 1: This step is optional. If your question is similar to an existing question, you will be presented with several options. If one of these questions is an exact match, or you are interested in seeing that question page, click the question.

    3. Step 2: Review your question wording, spelling, and capitalization.

    4. Optional: If you are logged in, the question will be automatically added to your watchlist, and you will be alerted when it receives an answer or is edited. If you do not want to add it, uncheck the box.

    5. Submit Question.

    6. Categorize your question.

    7. Click Save. You will automatically be taken to your question page to view your question.

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    Categorize your question:

    You can place your question in up to three categories. Place it in the most specific categories possible; what you see is not what you get! There are thousands of categories and three ways to choose the right ones for your question:

    1. Search Categories: Start typing the name of the category you seek and a list will appear, narrowing as you spell out the category.

    2. Suggested Categories: These are automatically suggested based on the wording and context of your question. You can choose to check these off or not, based on relevancy.

    3. Browse Categories: Use the expandable category tree to find categories and subcategories that may be relevant.

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