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Cheap round-trip flights to Toronto?

I travel to the states often (I love it there). I just do not understand why this, my first time flying to Toronto, could POSSIBLY be five hundred dollars (cheapest rate I found). Not very less expensive than my vacations to the states! I spend about seven hundred for a flight and hotel package for over a week in Atlanta. My Atlanta trips are a good deal, but still! I just cannot fathom the morals behind paying this amount of money for four days in freaking Toronto(FLIGHT ONLY). I was like "Is playing like some kind of practical joke on me? Am I being Punk'd? Where's Ashton?"

Seriously, where are there cheap flights to Toronto? It's Toronto, guys, and it's four days. For real.


From Halifax

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    Lots of words but sadly none of the tell us WHERE FROM.

    No sensible answer without that.

    EDIT OK is that Halifax, Yorkshire, UK or Halifax Nova Scotia.

    If it's Yorkshire then you can get some good deals at

    If it's Nova Scotia your stuck with expensive Canadian companies. Time to bite the bullet.

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    4 years ago

    Toronto is the house to a vibrant mixture of tourist attractions, from museums and galleries to the entire world popular CN Tower and, just off shore, Toronto Islands and you can visit all this if you decide on Toronto for yours vacation and the area to make this decision will be here hotelbye . Toronto provides a vibrant Entertainment District, presenting the newest musicals and different performing arts, and the ancient Distillery District. The Royal Ontario Museum, known as the ROM, is one of Canada's premier museums by having an global popularity for excellence. It properties an outstanding variety and also characteristics key exhibitions from around the world. A controversial growth of the center found a modern side featuring glass and sharp angles added onto an extremely traditional older building. The museum contains choices protecting a good number of times from throughout the world.

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    Air Transat is generally the cheapest. Unfortunately July is peak season and air fares generally are rising because of the huge losses incurred by airlines over the past decade. Tickets for July will be booked well ahead. Its worth looking at Air Canada's site since they have more flights than any other airline on this route. Also KLM, although that would involve you flying via Amsterdam, adding a good 3 hours to the flying time.

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    Well, where are you flying to Toronto from? If you're flying from within Canada, that's the way it is. Flights in Canada cost more than most flights of similar distance in the US, for a number of reasons. And you can pay as much for much shorter flights to smaller places as you pay for crossing the whole country if you're flying in and out of major airports. You pay at least $400 to fly from Vancouver to Prince George, a one hour flight. Nothing to do with expedia. They don't set the prices. And try next time, or Westjet. Westjet usually has the best prices.

    Even in the US, flight prices don't always make sense. I fly out of Vancouver, most years, to visit snowbird parents in Texas. I can get from Vancouver to Dallas for not much more than it costs to take the next much shorter flight to Corpus Christi. For the price of the flights alone from Vancouver to Corpus Christi, I could probably buy a week in Mexico, hotel included with a much longer flight.

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    Flight to Hamilton are much cheaper. If you say where you are flying from you may get a much better answer.

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    It is true that everything in Canada is expensive.

    Not all immigrants know that. Even professional ones, they have to take extra exams in order to qualify for their old jobs.(another 2-3 years + CAD$thousands for exam / tests)

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    8 years ago

    We can't help you if you don't tell us where you are coming from.

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