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Dental insurance question?

I need basic info on dental insurance asap!!! My front teeth have cavities / starting to decay? It's not super-noticeable, only when I smile really big. Its in between my front teeth. I never really brushed my teeth and apparently my family has bad teeth genetics. I never really though about it but my grandparents all have bad teeth too. How much would it cost to fix this? Is dental insurance and health insurance the same thing? I'm 19, no college or job, YET! I come from a very poor family, I live with my mom and my dad lives away. I know that I don't have health insurance because my mom told me the government aid would only last until my 19th birthday if I wasn't in college. If I was in college then it would have lasted another 4 more years. I haven't had a dental checkup in probably 8 years. I don't want my teeth to get worse, they aren't horrible yet but i'm beyond embarrassed by it. I don't smile, I hardly open my mouth now, I don't even want to leave my house (Also overweight which adds to the ashamed factor). I started brushing them everyday now to slow it down. I already suffer from anxiety really bad so even thinking about telling my mom gives me a heart attack. She also had really bad teeth until about 5ish years ago. She had then "fixed" along with braces. If I asked her if I had dental insurance it could go two ways. No, why? Yes, why? If she says yes then it wouldn't be hard to tell her and I would make an appointment immediately. If its no then i'm really screwed, I can't fix it and my I let my mom down. Any ideas or suggestions? Easy way to tell my mom? How can I get dental insurance if I don't have a job or money? I'm at witts end!!!!


Why I don't have a job -- I admit I have been living at home for the past year. I suffer from self-hate. I hate myself for bad-teeth and being overweight to the point where I don't want to leave the house so people don't have to be around me. I don't apply for jobs because who would want to hire someone like me? It's actually on the lines of suicide so people don't have to tolerate me. That's incase you wondered why I didn't get a job for health benefits. I'm probably just being emo but it keeps me from moving forward with my life.

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    Dental insurance and health insurance are two totally different, separate things. They have different prices and cover different conditions.

    If you only recently started brushing once per day, have not been to a dentist in years, and have only two cavities, then you have very good teeth genetics. A person with average teeth genetics has to brush twice a day and go to the dentist twice a year.

    You get dental insurance the same way as you get most other things. You pay for it.

    But there is another option, to save money. You can go to the dentist without insurance, and pay the dentist with money, without using insurance. Paying the dentist with money may cost less than getting insurance and using it would cost.

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    If your family has Medicaid you can have dental services until you are 21. Better get to it right away. Dental insurance does not cover anything until your waiting period ends while you make monthly payments and covers very little depending on the plan. Meanwhile you can find a dentist who will accept monthly payments, or a county clinic with dental services that are priced low or a dental school with a student dentist. I suggest if you have Medicaid get the work done now because dental work is very expensive. One tooth replacement is $1000.

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    Here's some really basic info - most people who suddenly want dental insurance, only want it because they have a lot of work they want done, that they want someone else to pay for.

    Insurance companies aren't stupid. They deliberately set up their policies, to handle this. You will RARELY find dental insurance that pays out more than it costs, year after year. Dental insurance has severe coverage caps, and usually won't cover anything more than cleanings and exams the first year.

    You will have to see a dentist, and pay them, to see how much this is going to cost you.

    Your first step, is to get money. You do that, by working. You do THAT, if you don't want to work for someone else, by putting up fliers, offering to dog sit, house clean, child care, car wash, lawn mow, WHATEVER. Without money, you can't even go to a cheap, local dental school to get super cheap work done. They STILL charge.

    Life is NOT going to walk past your house and hand you a billion dollars. You have to go out and get it. Yep, I know your generation is FULL of excuses about why they "can't" go out and do for themselves, what countless generations of 19 year olds have done throughout the centuries, but seriously - you're plan is to spend your entire life in that house while mom's welfare benefits feed and house you until you die? Dude.

    Your being "emo" is a luxury that many young adults your age can't afford, because they have to go out and earn the money to pay for their food, electric, and housing. There's nothing special about them; they don't LOVE slaving away at minimum wage to live paycheck to paycheck, but they are doing it anyway.

    You seriously need to pull a Nike, and "just do it". Find work, or make work, and then you'll find purpose, and then your life will start coming together. Kids your age have it completely backwards - the "good life" NEVER comes to you - you have to go to IT.

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    I agree with MBRCATZ 100%. I don't know what's wrong with this generation. They feel they have some entitlements and should be given handouts and not work for anything. You are an adult. Work your way to save money to have your teeth fixed. You can't continue to be a parasite in this society. You must shake it off and work on your weight, employment and dental issues. It may be easier said than done, but you need to wake up because no one is going to do it for you only you!

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