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what are the greatest world mysteries you would like to see solved?

Some examples are:

Atlantis did it exist and where?

Pyramids, who built them and why?

What makes the Mayans so accurately mathematical?

Where did the people of Easter Island go?

Well I'm asking you, what mysteries would you like to see solved?


I was talking about great ancient mysteries. One's that don't bother people that are still living. You don't want to know the truth about Jack the Ripper. You really don't. Let's just say you wouldn't be proud of Queen Victoria if you knew that secret.

Update 2:

Esbar, you're absolutely on the money now.

Update 3:

I hate to say Karen, but your Ancient History major isn't worth a damn. Atlantis did exist and I know where. King Tut died in his making of him becoming a Pharaoh and there's a hidden truth behind that that isn't well known today. Stonehenge is an acoustic amplifier for speakers and musicians, and you're so wrong about the pyramids. They don't teach you to think outside the box do they?

Update 4:

Karen, what do pyramids do?

Update 5:

I'm not a hobbyist historian. I know the history you will never be taught.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Favourite answer

    Who exactly was King Arthur?

    Did merlin/emyrs exist and who was he?

    Who were and what did the druids do exactly...is the deal warrior one?

    Who exactly lived in iron age Britain before the Roman invasion and where did they and previous bronze age people come from?

    Why were Stonehenge, Silbury hill and the Uffington horse built?

    Where did the lost tribes of Israel go?

    Where did any surviving Trojans go?

    Are Jacob's son Joseph and Moses traceable Egyptian?

    Did Jesus really do his stuff? Are any conspiracy theories correct about him?

    Where was Atlantis if at all?

    Did Joseph of arimathea really come to England and set up the Celtic church?

    Did St. Paul ever really preach in England?

    Who was St george...(too many choices so far)?

    What is the yonaguni monument?

    What is the silverpit crater?

    Am I pushing my luck?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Atlantis did it exist and where?

    no it didn't. read the ORIGINAL text that mentions atlantis (Timaeus and Critias by Plato). it was a HYPOTHETICAL city to illustrate Plato's discussion. nothing more. i know, disappointing, right?

    Pyramids, who built them and why?

    Egyptians built the pyramids. we have drawings of how they did it. we can replicate the cutting and transporting of blocks, we have found evidence of the ramps they used and there is a "pyramids worker" village near the great pyramids that include records of progress of how the pyramids are going and details of payment given to egyptians who worked on the pyramid (egyptians didn't have money, they were paid in denben, or certain amounts of grain that was traded for other things).

    What makes the Mayans so accurately mathematical?

    the mayans weren't the only ones who were very mathematical. egyptians ruled at the same time and were masters of geometry (it's how they portioned out land and planned the pyramids, they even worked with fractions). the greeks came later and started working with hypothetical questions with maths and eventually you get to what we have now. the mayans were not the most mathematically capable in the ancient world

    Where did the people of Easter Island go?

    the most popular theory is back to the mainland. i'm not too familiar with that one...but i do know there was decent water transport by that point, they could very well have travelled back to south america. the other competing theory is that there was some type of disaster. but there is no real evidence for mass disease or tsunami or anything.

    what mysteries do i want solved?

    what happened to tutankaten (also known as tutankhamun)?

    -> yes i've heard about theories involving the leg, malaria, blood diseases, a club foot, dying in battle and etc. but none of it explains WHY they didn't mummify his heart with his body many years before horemheb decided to wipe his family from the history books. the most likely explanation for his death is the last (massive chest injury that destroyed his ribs, lungs, heart and left his chest gaping). but how on EARTH does that just happen to a king

    what happened to ankhesenamun?

    -> this is tutankhamuns wife. after he died, she requested a prince from a neighboring country be sent to be her king. he was murdered on his way into egypt. she then married someone she REALLY didn't want to and disappeared a few years later.

    why was stonehenge built?

    -> notice i said why, not how. how we have some idea of. why, well, that's a whole other matter entirely

    there are more..but i'm really tired now so, there you are, the three biggest mysteries that i want solved...


    EDIT: Ah, now I get it...you are a part-time 'hobbiest' historian who believes that after reading about history online and seeing documentaries, that you have all the answers. if you are anything more, i believe if you sent your response to the professional organisation who gave you you're degree, it would entitle you to a full refund. i would spend time typing out a fully referenced response (as is expected of course in any history argument), but i don't think you're interested in the facts somehow and it wouldn't fit anyway. if you are interested though in proving that you can argue with any type or sense of logic, please e-mail me (my e-mail channel is open on yahoo answers) and i'd be happy to hear what you have to say.

    at the moment though, you just sound like a kid who reads the conspiracy files with no real knowledge of the ancient or physical world. no only does evidence not support the theories that you have put forward, but you haven't even said how it might AND you are going against evidence that has actually been found and documented in it's original form. the other thing here is lex parsimoniae. you might not know it in it's latin form...does occham's razor ring a bell? it's another very good reason that your 'logic' in this is flawed.

    in history, alternate theories are always encouraged (yes, even in my degree) but only to the extent that they can be validated or at least have the potential to be validated (with the absence of evidence) and can withstand contradictory evidence (note withstand, not disprove other theories). but your theories can't do that (the exception being your Stonehenge theory, there is circumstantial evidence for that). like i said, feel free to e-mail me and prove me wrong. prove to me that you have real evidence for everything you've said and i promise you i will publicly retract this statement in my answer and on my profile and issue you a full apology. but i'm not really worried about that. i know you can't do it.

    have a nice day and keep your day job. unless you e-mail me, i won't be responding to you again. mum always said. never argue with a fool or a drunk.

    Source(s): (ancient egypt) history major. EDIT: with the edit i had to remove some of the arguements i made in the first section so it wasn't too long. if anyone reading this wants more information, please feel free to e-mail me.
  • tuffy
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    9 years ago

    For me it would have to be Jack the Ripper - who was he? Scotland Yard carries this on its books as an unsolved mystery.

    The only other mystery is - is there other life in the Universe? A solution to that mystery would be the greatest solution - ever!

  • 9 years ago

    I'd personally like to know what was going through Adolf Hitler's mind when he decided to invade the Soviet Union. He knew that he would not have a quick campaign as the Soviets were already at his back doorstep, and their army was mobilized. Seriously, dude, what were you thinking!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The D.B. Cooper case...where the guy jumped out of the plane in 19?? with a suitcase full of money. But I'm pretty sure my uncle did it, so nevermind. Maybe...did they really go to the moon?

  • Derek
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    9 years ago

    The answers to your four questions HAVE been answered, it is only "conspiracy theorists" and "Pyramidiots" who don't listen as the answers do not fit their preconceived ideas.

  • 9 years ago

    Ironically, I think all your "mysteries" are actually connected.

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