The Avengers mid-credits scene (MAJOR SPOILERS)?

So we see that weird guy during the end credits. Is it the Red Skull? Because it looks a lot like him, and people on the net have been saying it is Thanos. I've seen pictures of Thanos on google and they look nothing like the film version, whereas he looks like the Red-ish face of Red Skull. I mean, you could argue it's Thanos because he's breathing in space. But seriously, who is it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    i believe that it is Thanos because he had the same chin as in the comic books and looked bigger than the red skull man but he is purple in the cartoons so it could be an adaptation of Thanos

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    8 years ago

    I think the character is seen in the scene between the end credits of the movie "The Avengers" is "Thanos" and not "Red Skull".

    All the news that I read, say that is "Thanos" who appears in the scene between credits and after I saw the movie, I also had the impression that it was "Thanos" even those who appeared on the scene, mainly because of the square jaw , which is a physical characteristic of the "Thanos".

    A hug and even more.

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  • 8 years ago

    That was Thanos and Annilhus, the red skull is in the negative zone.

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