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Where do you think the lost continent of Atlantis is?


Bob, Plato also gave a detailed physical description. I do believe in lost cities and continents destroyed by natural disasters, war, and time. Some places people just build on top of. Some places are never returned too. I wasn't asking google. I was asking what people thought, not computer opinions. I have my ideas where it is. I also have supportive evidence of where it is. If we did find it. What do we do with it? Turn it into Machu Picchu a tourist attraction?

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    I believe that lost continent Atlantis existed & it is not an imagination . Even the Greek historian

    Herodotus ( Father of History ) mentioned about it in 5th. century B.C . Such vivid description can

    not be a complete imagination .

    We know about tectonic changes in geography . We know Strait of Gibralter was not there .

    Because of the force of water of Atlantic ocean & Mediteranean sea , Strait of Gibralter was

    created . 10 or 15 thousand years back definitely Atlantis existed .

    I feel it may be lost in Mediterranean sea or in the west side of Europe in Atlantic ocean .

    For you information I am saying in India according to Hindu Mythology a big city was there in

    western part of India which was known as 'Dwaraka' . Such city does not exist now . But the

    Oceanographers have found the city a little off shore in Arabian sea. I am sure that one day the

    Oceanographers will find out Atlantis .

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    Check out the link below. It gives a possible location.

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    I think that Atlantis is somewhere where Bermuda Triangle is today and I'm pretty sure it is there, because all of this energy and all of those mystical events.

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    if you read Plato's original description in it's entirety, which you probably didn't, you would know that it was a HYPOTHETICAL city, mentioned only to reinforce the argument that Plato was making.

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