The Pirate bay UK block Virgin media workaround?

If like me you have virgin media and today found that you couldn't visit the pirate bay because it's been blocked, well here's a workaround. This worked for me, if you have an iPhone 4S this will work. Make sure you disconnect your laptop or PC from your virgin connection, then disconnect your iPhones wifi. Then make your 4S a hotspot and then connect your laptop or PC to it. Now you can go to the pirate bay using your phones 3G, download the torrent files you want and then when your done reconnect your laptop or PC and then open the torrent file and it will download. This works because the trackers have not been blocked. I did this today with my iPhone 4S using my MacBook pro. I don't know if android phones offer hotspot services to but check if you have a droid phone.

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