Can Domestic Assault charges get dropped?

MY Fiance and I(or I should say Ex) got into a very heated scuffle last night that lead to the police getting called and him getting arrested. Long story short we spent the day having a 12 hour argument(Not kidding it spanned ALL DAY),He has anger issues, Begged me to stop and walk away, I did not(I suffer from Borderline Personality disorder) and we got into the scuffle, This was an isolated incident and I now want to try and Drop the charges all together or atleast have the police take into consideration that he didnt just LASH out at me. I feel like It just pushed him over the edge(i will point out I am NOT the victim of Abuse, think what you want). He has been in anger managemant and was doing very good with his anger until yesterday, He wont talk to me(there isnt a restraining order) so I didnt know if I would contact the arresting officer or what? I just think these little details should be known because the officer tried making him out to be this violent woman beating but he isnt. I live in the state of Vermont if that matters and he has been bailed out since last night but is not residing where I live anymore, Any suggestions??

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    8 years ago

    Unfortunately because domestic violence is a "criminal" as opposed to "civil" matter the decision to go forward with the case is now out of your hands. This is because crimes are considered to be committed against the "state" not against the person. Therefore, it is the prosecutor's determination whether the case will proceed. You can however talk to the prosecutor, tell him your side of the story and try to convince him to drop the charges.

    That being said, do you really want to stick up for this guy? No man should be capable of "being pushed over" the edge that separates arguing and domestic violence. If it really was an isolated incident and he didn't physically hurt you feel free to take my advice and talk to the prosecutor / city attorney. However, if he did physically harm you, then PLEASE PLEASE consider letting the authorities do their jobs. It's much easier to walk away in the begging then once you have been dragged down the cycle of violence.

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    8 years ago

    Prosecutors take domestic abuse cases very seriously and your chances of getting this case dropped are slim to none at best.

    Let this case run through the court system. Your ex-fiance should work on his anger management issues and you should have someone look at your medication regime for your borderline personality disorder. Obviously, the medications aren't working.

    Good luck.

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