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Solutions to end the horrors in Africa?

I've heard a lot of sad stories from this one continent, that are detestable and sad. I'm asking people to trouble shoot and come up with solutions to promote a quality of life that's fair to the people of this continent, since it's long over due. I'm not looking for racist comments, I'm looking for realistic suggestions that should be addressed to all nations to promote positive change for these people. What are your ideas to end despotism across all of Africa?


That's a bit of an opaque suggestion. Sometimes the only good guys you get are other bad guys. I'm not ignorant of that. Truly, who gives any warlord support, but because of wealth, warlords have to exist sometimes. The change comes to pointing the direction of their actions into a positive context that's mutually beneficial. As I said, I'm asking for realistic solutions. Some things we cannot change. Some things we can.

Update 2:

I'm asking about long term solutions. 600 years of Hell is enough for anyone. What's 10 years amongst 600 years, when change is possible and inevitable? Not much. Unless the veil of ignorance is lifted and people start looking at problems, how can solutions ever be devised and implemented?

Update 3:

Interesting Batista. Finally someone with some thinking. I was waiting for that. What about 20 million troops, 2000 jets, 10000 rotaries, and 5000 tanks? Would that change things? I think mathematically. With these new numbers I'm giving you, do you think there would be a change? What do you think would happen then?

Update 4:

Tylersty, I don't believe your opinion is an accurate understanding of the situation. I think the problem is larger than you're examining. The way the world works is everything has a symbiotic relationship. One thing effects everything. I think the real cause of the problems in Africa is because of other nations with vested interests in the natural resources of Africa. The byproduct is despotism, oppression, disease, and extreme poverty inducing hardships. So people there are surviving instead of thinking. Subtract education and communication from the globe. Cause and effect essentially. The only way there can be change is by global interference. People have to stop thinking nationally and start thinking globally. That's where we're at with a population of 7 billion. So by thinking nationally, we're thinking selfishly. Globally on the other hand is entirely different. You're seeing a few pieces in the puzzle. I'm seeing the world as the puzzle the pieces res

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    9 years ago
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    there's no soloution to be honest if upto 2.000.000 nato troops went in to africa backed up by 250 fighter jets 160 attack helicopters and 12.000 tanks we still probaly wouldint be able to put an end to the horrors in africa because they'll continue fighting until there's only 1 of them left and if that would be the case it would probaly take about 10 years and around 6.000.000 million people would probaly die so that really the only soloution to be honest

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    9 years ago

    At the end of the day everybody has to solve their own problems. If you can't then nobody else can solve it for you because it shows you yourself is not ready to change your conditions. The only progressive country on the African continent is South Africa. Other African countries also need to take cue from SAfr and change their mindset which is responsible for keeping them in ignorance and darkness.

  • 9 years ago

    Dispose of the men and women with bad intentions.

    one person can't change the world, unless you're a millionaire. You may sponsor a kid but you will oonly be changing one persons life and if you do not want to ship yourself to Africa and help them build homes then don't bother.

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    9 years ago

    Kill all humans in sub-saharan Africa, leave it to the animals. Best thing we could do.

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  • 9 years ago

    stop supporting warlords

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