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? asked in SportsHockey · 8 years ago

What do you think of my relocation ideas for NHL teams?

New York Islanders → Hamilton, Canada

The Islanders are easily one of the biggest failures in sports history. Next to no fan support at all. Hamilton is a great place to put an NHL team. Despite what you Americans think, Hamiltonians are NOT Sabres fans. We are a different country than the US, and we mainly support teams based on proximity within our own country, and the teams we grew up watching. Hamilton and Toronto have always had a sports rivalry with the Tiger Cats and the Argonauts, therefore Toronto, despite its relative closeness to Hamilton, does not dominate the hockey market there. Putting an NHL team in Hamilton will bring the community together to support their team like they do with the Tiger Cats.

Florida Panthers→Halifax, Canada

The Panthers are a joke of a team. The little hockey fanaticism there is in the U.S. state of Florida is for the Tampa Bay Lightning, simply because of the fact that they have won a Stanley Cup.

The Canadian Maritimes are a huge sports market that has very little in the way of franchises. You may bicker about how the population isn't that large, but let me remind you people, this is Canada. Virtually everyone in our country is a hockey fan, and an NHL game in Halifax could easily draw as many as fans many existing teams' games.

Phoenix Coyotes→Quebec City, Canada

The Coyotes have been a complete and utter financial disaster. They're barely hanging on as it is. Why kind of wacko thought an ice hockey team in the middle of the desert would be a good idea, anyway? If the kids don't play hockey in the wintertime, they are going to grow up to be hockey fans either.

It's ridiculous that Quebec lost its team in the first place. They are easily a large enough hockey market to support a team. They deserve a second chance.

San Jose Sharks→Victoria, Canada

If there's one thing that won't hurt the US state of California's sports market is one less team. Particularly a hockey team.

Vancouver Island is in desperate need of a team. The island's population of nearly three quarters of a million does not find it convenient to take a long ferry ride to the mainland every time they want to see a live hockey game.


It's called the NHL because it's the national hockey league of Canada. Adding more American teams is a silly idea, and you can just look at the attendance records of recently founded American NHL franchises if you want proof.

Update 2:

I can't believe how ignorant some of my fellow hockey "fans" are. Hamiltonians are NOT Sabres fans. Hamilton is well divided in terms of team support, but the Sabres aren't close to being one of Hamilton's favourite teams.

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  • opurt
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    I live in Victoria, and would love to see more NHL hockey (since getting to Vancouver is a PITA over the ferries, and well, it's the Canucks), but there is no way at all that this city could support an NHL franchise for any length of time. There just isn't the population or corporate bases here to do it.

    Same with Halifax. Hamilton could, but the Sabres and Leafs would both complain about the nearby competition. Quebec City is very likely to get a team the next time one moves, Seattle's high on the list (since they can bring fans down from Vancouver and other parts of BC too).

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  • 4 years ago

    The NHL Executive Team needs to be relocated back to Toronto or Montreal. No more Americans who are utterly clueless about the game running the show, give the game back to hockey people. (I don't mean all Americans, I mean one specific American.) As for the franchises Atlanta to Quebec; Phoenix to Winnipeg, Islanders to Hartford (hockey needs the Whale). Bring back the WHA cities! I don't see KC as a better market than Edmonton; the Oilers just need a new arena with modern revenue streams. With all the dirty oil money sloshing around northern Alberta these days, I'm sure something can and will be worked out. Hamilton deserves a team but I doubt the Sabres will ever allow that to happen (and it is the Sabres not the Leafs that always block that). If Buffalo loses the southern Ontario portion of their crowd they are in serious trouble - the World Juniors showed where hockey fans in Buffalo really come from). Perhaps the Sabres could play some games in Hamilton (like the Bills play in Toronto).

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  • 8 years ago

    I agree that Hamilton would like a team, but the Leafs and Sabres wouldn't allow it. But i think if they did it MIGHT work,,,again, might, not so sure it would.

    Halifax...absolutely not.


    Quebec City...yes, and they will get a team someday.

    Move the Islanders???? Hell no! That's a legendary team. 4 cups in a row. Plus they have a great market in Long Island. They will most likely play in the New arena in Brooklyn.

    Phoenix...I love how people say they are "signing the deal". Christ, how long does it take for the ink to dry??? The reality is Jamison doesn't have the money or the right amount if investors. How long did it take for True North to sign the deal with the Thrashers? Seconds! I don't believe that nonsense with Jamison. They are just stalling to find a way to get tax payer money without the Goldwater Institute sueing them. much as I dislike them, they have a owner.

    Columbus...they suck and lose money. But they too have a owner.

    San Jose...they're fine. Good fanbase and make money.

    In closing, I'm surprised you didn't mention London Ontario with the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Leave the Islanders alone. Too many legends have played there. Bossy bro, think how Bossy would feel.

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  • 8 years ago

    The Islanders will move to Quebec in 2015. The timing there matches up too perfectly, I'm sure the NHL won't like it, but in the end they won't argue with the money. Unless the Islanders can figure out their arena situation quick, this seems all too imminent.

    The Panthers have an owner who is content. As long as he owns them, no one can move them anywhere, whether or not some little moron somewhere on the continent thinks they're a "joke of a team". If it disturbs you so much, go out and get a few hundred millions dollars and buy them yourself.

    The Sharks are fine and sell out most games. I'm sure their owner is thrilled to have them in San Jose and wouldn't even consider moving them.

    The Coyotes are being bought by former Sharks' operator Greg Jamison. He is keeping them in Arizona. Again, the NHL isn't going to move any teams with an owner.

    Hamilton won't get an NHL team, between Toronto, Ottawa and Buffalo they won't let it happen. This has been discussed before. Halifax and Victoria are not getting anywhere near an NHL team in the next few decades either, there are many cities above them on the list. Just because some people in Vancouver find it inconvenient to take a ferry is not a viable reason to relocate a team. I know you Canadians get anxious, but the fact is those cities won't support teams long term any better than where they are now. Winnipeg and Quebec City have earned their spot, they do need teams, but the NHL isn't going to rush all the teams up north only to watch the Canadian economy sink back down and the American economy rise and have to rush all the teams back.

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  • 8 years ago

    Clearly you are canadian and hate america so these are completely biased ideas. I am american and have nothing against canada and respect the teams but you are calling american teams such as florida a joke of a team when they made the playoffs unlike montreal,toronto, calgary,edmonton,and winnipeg (correct me if i missed some). So should we move those teams too? Obviously not, florida is beginning to become a strong team and same with a lot of these teams, i think soon the isles will become a team fighting for a spot in the playoffs. However i do agree that Phoenix should be relocated soon and in my opinion either to quebec or seattle. San Jose is fine, they are a good consistent team and they fill up their arena. Maybe Its Columbus or Dallas that you could consider. Your other ideas of places they should move to is a little far fetched and wouldnt work out. Just my opinion.

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  • Kevin
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Dude, do you know the NHL is a business? They look to the place that gets the most profit. If you are suggesting Halifax and Victoria, you are out of your mind. Quebec City and Hamilton are the only reliable places the NHL can go to. Still. I don't think the NHL would want to try to dilute the market in South Ontario. Also, the NHL needs to expand the sport instead of trying to stay in the North. You really got to add Seattle, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Houston, and Portland to the mix. those places have around at least 5 to 10 times more people than in Halifax and Victoria.

    Seriously? Move the San Jose Sharks? We might as well move the Pittsburgh Penguins to Saskatoon.

    "It's called the NHL because it's the national hockey league of Canada. Adding more American teams is a silly idea."

    Sports Leagues in the Americas are both USA and Canada.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think it would make sence to move the islanders to canada. but only because the suck and would probably be better of in canada.

    These teams are doing fine where they are and don't need to be relocated just because of the lack of fans. These 3 teams still made it to the playoffs and had a chance at winning.

    Sure canada in the country of hockey, but the U.S. enjoys hockey as well. Sure canada needs more NHL teams, but they can try and make new teams across their contry.i'm sure there is enough money and fans to make it happen

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The suggestions are so silly that they barely even are deserving of a response.

    "The Canadian Maritimes are a huge sports market." LOL

    Halifax eh? Where would they play, in the 10,000 seat Metro Center?? Where would they come up with the people to pay hundreds of dollars for tickets? Corporate sponsors. What a nonsensical joke. Florida regularly turns a profit.

    Hamilton?It's a nightmare and not well constructed for an NHL team....then there are territorial rights. Would Buffalo like a team there? Toronto? Any of the Canadian teams? No, no and no.

    The Sharks to Victoria? You are a bit of a slow one.

    It's called the National hockey League because it is Canada? Wow, you need to read a book. I guess they should move the Blue Jays out of Toronto because they play in the American League. Stay in school!

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  • 8 years ago

    Sorry Rufus although you're right about Hockey hungry Canadian markets, they are already fans of the sport and watch the games as much as they can, adding more teams to Canada won't increase profits and TV revenues, its unfortunate but true, selling out arenas isn't the only way to make money,Quebec had a lot of people going to the games back when they were around and they still had to move out, this is a money making business and is run accordingly.

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  • 8 years ago

    Don't be silly, Halifax is a lot of things-but big-league it is not. If they loved pro hockey in Victoria so much, they wouldn't have unceremoniously run their ECHL team out of town as soon as they got the W franchise.

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