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Why is the continent of Africa poor?

I'm not looking for racist comments here, I'm looking for hard economical truths. Why is a large continent so heavily populated so poor, when it is filled with plenty with ability? Who's wallet made it so? What are the reasons for the high level of poverty? That's what I'm asking. Throw in geography facts like desertification and so on, corruption, what type of corruption, and so on. The more comments the better. Does Africa as a continent want change. This is real brain storming to spawn debates on how to improve the quality of life all African nations. Would a continental union like the EU benefit Africa as a whole? I've never been there, but I'm sick of reading horror stories that don't need to happen, and want to know why. It's the world's largest shame for their disarray. I know history has a large part to do with it. Let's be honest. How can the world make life in Africa better for the common inhabitant?


Minato, can you please extrapolate and expand your thoughts? That goes with everyone else. Let's lay the cards on the table.

Update 2:

Good answer Cardinal, but how do you explain cooperation to build pyramids taking place thousands of years ago? Are you saying the level of cooperation is now a social condition opposed to a geographical condition? Because up to 1800 years ago, the continent was quite organized. The fall of Rome changed Africa, because Egypt collapsed on purpose to starve Rome.

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    The anthropological answer is probably the climate, and the availability of hunter/gatherer-style food production year round.

    In colder climates humans had to develop coping skills to survive, and complex farming techniques to produce food. These skills developed the problem solving behavior that was generalized to a more successful culture as a whole.

    Add to this the better genetic diversity in the vast Asian, and European continents, we can realize the advantages of the more Northern peoples.

    Source(s): Economically, the lack of organization, and cohesion of the African Continent, is a detriment to the development of the infrastructure necessary for industry. The result is the historic role of the continent as a raw materials-only producing region. Note: J - the North to South differences on the African continent are marked, perhaps because of climate, and the positive effects of the Nile river annual flooding. Egyptian organization was largely promoted by their organized religion.
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    There are lots of reasons. These vary due to areas, but the main reasons are lack of resources, diseases, climate, etc. A lot of Africa is made up by the Sahara Desert, and people that live there would find it extremely hard to come across resources. And some places tend have slower developments in modern technology.

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    Only the people are poor, the continent is fine.

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