Student visa to fiance visa?

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This is really a stress. I used to live in UK for two years with student visa. I worked more than the specified hours and when my visa expired I went back me. My bf, whom I met in more
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No it won't affect your application. Luckily for you, previous breaches of immigration rules are not counted against those applying for a settlement visa as a fiance, spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner or other dependent relative.

However, as a fiance or spouse, if you do anything to breach the conditions of your visa, you will be held to account so this time respect the rules.

See 7(B) b and 7(C) ii for the relevant section of the rules.

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That's a relief. Thank you so much.
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  • CPG answered 2 years ago
    No idea until you apply. If the application ask you to declare your work in the UK, then you must do so honestly-- will it affect you? There is no way to know for certain until you apply.
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