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; please suggest some films similar to my film tastes?

I'm in the mood to watch a few films. Please suggest some?

I like:

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

X-Men (all of them)



Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk

The Hunger Games

Walk The Line

Harry Potter


Resident Evil

Sherlock Holmes

I am Legend

A Knights Tale

... yeah. Please help :)

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    you like sherlock holmes? you should check out these 'mini-movies" in a BBC sherlock series.

    all 7 episodes (2 seasons & the unaired pilot) can be found through youtube & thedailymotion..which is EXACTLY like youtube in how it works. you dont even need an account to watch them...just like youtube. cant comment or anything like that though otherwise.

    all links can be found on IMDb. there's a poster going around on the "sherlockian" boards putting them all up. here's the thread & just scroll down to "EmpressOfTheSea" & enjoy :D

    (i tried posting all those links here but im not allowed. a limit apparently on links >_<)


    besides that:


    independence day

    air force one

    phenomenon (with john travolta)


    all the die hards (soon to be 5...first 4 are really good so far...also, alan rickman is in the first one :D)

    men in black (all of them)

    lord of the rings (you like harry potter...fantasy/magic)

    the hobbit 1 & 2 (coming out....benedict {in voice twice over as dragon & necromancer}/martin {as bilbo baggins} are the stars. aka sherlock/john of sherlock bbc.

    star wars

    star trek

    star gate

    (^^^you liked xmen/planet of the apes ... sci fi/sci fantasy {trek & gate have tv series AND movies so google/check imdb for them all} & yes it IS POSSIBLE like all 3 fandoms. dont let random fans of any one universe say you're not allowed to watch the other 2 >_<)

    war of the worlds (there's an old one & a new one with dakota fanning when she was really young. both are good)



    (^^^you liked gladiator/harry potter...intensity/fantasy {for immortals})


    the day the earth stood still



    the secret of moonacre

    the golden compass

    narnia (theres old versions & new versions out >_< have fun)

    (^^you like harry potter...fantasy/mystery)

    terminator (all movies)

    indian jones (all of them)

    the adventures of tin tin

    (^^you like hugo. also like sherlock holmes so you'll probably like the series i put up. steven moffat, who worked on that sherlock BBC series, works with steven speilberg on this.)



    cities of mysterious gold

    (^^you like hugo. also like harry potter. fantasy/mystery for "cities" its an old cartoon series but really good)

    planet of the apes ("rise" is just the prequel actually. how it all started. there are quite a few older movies with charlton heston, who spoke the famous line "get your hands off me you damned dirty ape!" repeated by tom felton in the newest movie as tribute to that scene.)

    solent green (charlie boy is in here to lol)

    dune (pick one..there's a few versions out there. i saw the one with patrick stewart (star trek the next generation/xmen & "sting" yes..."sting" he's quite young in there lol)

    (if you end up liking charlie boy...i suggest also his famous epics "ben hur" & "the 10 commandments" religious or not..these movies should be seen at least once just for the sheer epicness of them & the soundtracks.)

    amazing grace (with benedict cumberbatch, aka sherlock holmes of the bbc series)

    real steel

    (^^ you like iron man/transformers)

    hellboy 1 & 2

    spiderman (there's old & new ones. have fun!)

    the bourne surpremacy (theres a few of them out there)

    mission impossible (there's a few movies out there. also an old series as well)

    saving private ryan

    the green mile

    moby dick (there's a version with patrick stewart as ahab out there & you can see patrick stewart as captain picard repeating a few lines of moby dick.in "star trek: first contact" movie of star trek the next generation)


    why did i have to get married?

    (& other 'tyler perry' movies)

    the wolfman (with anthony hopkins)

    red riding hood (with amanda seygried...or...whatever. shoot me >_<)

    cast away

    (^^you like 'i am legend' a one-man show more or less. i think this movie works only cuz tom hanks did it lol)

    the day after tomorrow

    phantom of the opera (gerald butler/emmy rossum of 'the day after tomorrow' is also here as lady christine. she has quite a good voice in her!)

    Source(s): hope that helps. should keep you busy for a while :)
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    Spiderman 2/ any super hero movie made the last 10 years.

    Fast and the Furious

    The Bourne series

    Any Pixar film that is not associated with cars.

    The A-Team


    Mission Impossible 5: Ghost Protocol

    Saving Private Ryan

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    All the Terminator movies

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Men in Black I&II

    The Wolfman

    Time Bandits

    The Day the Earth Stood Still (I like the original, but the newer one has better special effects, of course)

    All the Superman movies

    Source(s): Just a few off the top of my head
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