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Charity fundraising ideas?

My auntie passed away during 2010 due to cancer, me and her was very very close, she was like a second mum to me. She was took into a local hospice and they are now doing a fundraising event which is called 'Moonlight Walk' you walk 13 miles in 6 hours starting from midnight and ending at 6. You get a sponser form to collect sponsers but I want to do more for them because I am so greatful for what they did for my auntie. Me and my friend are thinking of holding a raffle in college, but the only problem is we dont know what we can raffle off. We dont want anything rubbish because people wont buy any tickets, it needs to be a great prize so it can be successful!

Any ideas?

It cant be too expensive as we need a low budget as we are aiming to raise more money for charity than on the prize.

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    a raffle sounds like a good idea, maybe you could email Argos or a place like that and ask if they could possibly donate a prize? anyway, i'm sure anyone would be happy to buy a ticket whatever the prize for such a good cause. maybe you could buy chocolate bars or a bottle of wine?

    a charity walk is also a good idea :D

    if you have more time you could try other ideas like:

    cake sale

    wash peoples cars

    junk sale

    sponsored row/walk/run

    hold a little carnival/game stalls

    bag packing in shops

    best wishes :)

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    8 years ago

    I think EM covered all the things you could do to raise money . Good Luck,

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    How about a car wash? Get a local petrol station or church to give you space and access to water. Make up signs and flag down cars that need a bath.

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  • 6 years ago

    I need to raise enough money to help some people in Cambodia if you would like to donate any money visit: http://cambodiafundraising.webs.com/

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