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can't install windows7 in new computer,?

when installation is underway it goes to blue screen and says files corrupt,if i do get it to work at all1/2 the updates will not install and all programs from internet are corrupt.please help, by the way i have tried both windows7 and xp the results are the same.old computer was 32bit the new one i just built is 64.

4 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    did you re-use any parts from your old PC? if could list all the system components in the PC you're trying to build that'd help.

    i'd hazard a guess that you have a problem with your hard drive though. also that'd be one of the things you'd be likely to re-use. did you entirely reformat the hard drive before trying to instal? if not, then do that using the windows 7 disk, then do a CLEAN install of windows 7. don't worry about serial number, if you have an upgrade-only copy then just skip through the bit where you have to enter it, and then after installation is complete install windows over itself. that'll usually count as an upgrade.

    EDIT: dvd drive or RAM would be the other possibilties, as the other dude said.

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  • laney
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Its quite individual-pleasant to attempt this. at the same time as your setting up whichever distro you %., once you get to the section about the position to position in, there is maximum likly going to be an decision "set up section via section with my modern OS". some distros don't have this yet, maximum do. If its not an decision, then settle on on that you truly settle on to do the walls your self and set it up like this: a million. shrink the abode residing house windows partition via the dimensions you want your linux section to be. pass away all different walls the same. 2. interior the recent unused section create a sparkling partition, interior the popup menu settle on on the filetype as "change". make this 3-4gb. change is the virutal ram on the annoying stress linux makes use of for overflow. 3. interior the some thing of the unused section create a sparkling partition, %. EXT4 via reality the filetype (or EXT3 if its not there). make the mount aspect purely "/" and make it as great as plausible, it is the surely partition linux will use. now purely hit proceed, it is going to do each and every little aspect from ideal the following. once you change on your pc you receives a menu that you navigate with the arrow keys that permits you to teach between linux and win7. different walls (like fix walls) will also happen interior the menu, so don't be afraid if theres more desirable then those 2. Linux is totaly awsome, a lot more desirable suitable then abode residing house windows. even even although i very a lot favor linux, i keep abode residing house windows on for solidworks and labview and considered studio. there are c++ compilers in linux, so that you do not ought to favor to stress about that.

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  • IBMGuy
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I would suggest either your memory is at fault or your dvd drive. Test the memory with memtest86 and try another cd/dvd drive to install.This type of problem certainly points to a hardware problem of some kind.

    Try lowering the speed of the memory to 1333Mhz or 1066Mhz in the motherboard bios and try an install.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If your pc get Blue Screen Of Death (BOSD) you have to check your pc heath, and then fix your pc directly.

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