Why is it so uncomfertable to me when people express their religion?

So I'm a Christian teen that goes to a Christian school, and this problem didn't hit me until this year in 9th grade. I don't know why I started tooting this but when someone talks about their religion publicly I get so uncomfortable. For example when I'm on Facebook and all my friends post a verse on there I doesnt bother me to much butya. What really bothers me is when I'm talking and say like my grandma made it through surgery and then someone says praise god while interrupting me. I just can't stand it when people quote unnecessary religious stuff out loud in public. Now I know it sounds like I'm not a true believer but I am actually a very strong Christian, and I do my best to live in Gods word. I'm just not a professing Christian that goes around telling random people about Christ because I find that to be strange in a way. And yes I know it says in the bible to go out and profess Gods word to unbelievers and I do that but I do it gradually over time while I get to know that person. Not just strait up go to a atheist say " do you believe in God?" and when they say no Christians now a days always say "well your going to hell!" and storm off. I find this to be such a horrible approach towards others, and I have kept many friends of various beliefs because I don't do that to them. So what is it why does this make me so uncomfertable when people profess the word of God randomly in unneeded places.


Ok I can already tell people are taking me the wrong way. That's ok! I understand it's difficult to understand unless you actually walked in my shoes. Ok yes I believe in God and I have nothing against his followers. I'm also a very strong Christian my whole school find me as the strongest in our grade. I'm not saying I disagree with all worship to God publicly just when it's unnecessary or they're doing it horribly wrong and keep on doing it.

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    I believe I can definitely understand and agree with you.

    I find random interjections of religion, and not just from Christians, to be distracting, taking away from the natural flow of conversation, and I get the distinct feeling people who do this are either weak in their beliefs and have to keep reaffirming them out loud to prove something, or else they are phony and trying to look good, or else they really do have such a one-tracked mind.

    I don't appreciate all the public "I will pray for you" emails that get sent on mailing lists in reply to soneone posting a message that causes concern. Why not just send those prayer whishes to the person privately so as not to clutter up the listserv and archives? Same goes for birthday emails on mailing lists. *Cringe*

    But I find people who continue to insert religion into every conversation to be irritating. If you're just talking about something completely unrelated, and then someone suddenly sticks in a scripture at random or says "Yes, God is amazing" or something like that. Or even "We must pray for that person" Argh.

    A few people are hostile toward you and Christianity in general, but it also looks like you have a lot of much better answers from people who really are understanding. I rated all the good answers up and the others down.

    I'm here to let you know that you're not alone. I am also a Christian, and what you are talking about here is one reason I don't frequent Christian communities on the net. I'm a very private person when it comes to prayer, I don't memorize anything written very well, so, don't just quote scripture at people, and feel rather put off by people who do when the context isn't right - I.E. when the conversation had nothing to do with religion.

    Also, I stopped writing fiction with a religious person, because she was sticking her religion into the story just too much, so that it seemed as if it was turning into a piece of fiction designed to promote her beliefs rather than anything. - And she was a neopagan.

    So, it isn't just Christians who go overboard with religion.

    Anti-theists are the worst.

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    NO MATTER where you live, in one way or another the evangelistic movement started by Jesus Christ has touched your life. But not everyone who has claimed to represent Christ has spread the true message of God’s Word. Not all evangelizers—present or past—have been fired with the same missionary zeal that characterized the first-century disciples of Christ.

    True, the churches of Christendom have an estimated 220,000 missionaries at work in the world today, but do those missionaries pass the test of true evangelizers? Christian evangelism was not meant to be a form of spiritual imperialism, where preachers would work as agents of colonizing world powers. (Compare James 4:4.) Moreover, genuine Christian evangelism would not advocate so-called liberation theology and push for radical changes in the political and social systems; neither did Jesus have in mind Bible-thumping electronic preachers who wail their version of “prosperity theology” over the TV and radio waves. (John 17:16; Matthew 6:24) Well, then, what is an evangelizer?

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    You sound like a very tactful and socially aware person, especially for someone your age. Kudos to you! There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable around other people's inappropriate behavior. The Germans have a term for it called Fremdschaem (literally stranger shame) which means you feel embarrassed on the behalf of others.

    Religion is like politics in that it should only be discussed in the proper time and place and generally with people you know fairly well. As you said, regularly proclaiming your religion or that others who don't share it will go to hell only alienates people. You will keep your diverse group of friends longer if you keep doing what you are doing. You sound like a perfectly good Christian to me. Part of being a good person is being considerate of others' feelings. You should feel free to share your beliefs honestly, if anyone asks, but you do not have to be excessively vocal about them to be remain a good, strong believer.

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    I think you're actually being very faithful to Christ and to God, because we know from the Bible from what Christ told us and from God's word that the Kingdom is within us and that it's not righteous to make a public religious display shouting about it. Christ rebukes the priests who say long prayers as a show. Christ said we should go into our inner temple to be with God. The true Christian is an inwardly faithful person and has no need to keep saying "praise the Lord" and such things that are more aimed at announcing it to the people around rather than to God (which you can do inside you where He will hear it).

    You're perfectly right to introduce others to Christ gradually by your actions and way of being, rather than to shove it at them, because showing others by example and simply talking is how Christ did it.

    Please have pity for those unrighteous so-called Christians who will probably berate you - Christ said that His true followers would be berated. It's those who likely need your help and guidance just as much as the non-believers.

    You're so young and yet are so wise already, so you have such a marvellous journey in Christ ahead of you. I wish you so much joy. Peace be with you.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think expressing our spiritual feelings, witness, praise and testimony of God and/or Christ is NOT something to be done lightly, or even in every or any public place. It is a highly personal and sacred thing and personally, when people are doing that sort of thing in random, public places without the right spirit or INTENT it makes me uncomfortable too. I think all too often it happens without a sincere heart and without respectful reverence for the eternal and sacred nature of the THINGS OF WHICH they claim to be speaking about and then, I find it just wrong and inappropriate. SO, I'm not sure if that is HOW or WHY you feel uncomfortable about it but....some ppl just aren't comfortable with public display of such things anyway and that is OK too.....

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    I am guessing it is your age and even though you are a xtian you do not like evangelizing and that kind of thing makes you uncomfortable.

    Perhaps you realize that some people are saying things just for show and that bothers you.

    I guess only you would know the answer to that and maybe it is an answer that will come in time.

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    Are they speaking from a religious stand point or are they speaking from a personal relationship with Christ. I know what you are talking about because religion has nothing to do with the father in heaven but everything to do with man. I love heart felt speaking about our Father and son because in relationship is where we really get to know Christ Jesus, I mean Church is fine but we have to be careful not to allow the traditions of man to enterfere with Gods will for our life. Maybe this is what you are feeling, relationship is everything and religion is something man partakes in the name of God but at the same time having nothing to do with the father but using his name for their own personal reasons.

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    I am not comfortable going around talking to non-believers about Jesus either and I am an older person, much older than you. I think its best to live what you believe by your actions more than words. I fear though for the day when we will not be allow to speak about Christ and I see it coming. So for those who can do it good for them. The day will come where God will say to us, 'chose this day who you will serve" the times are getting bad in the world and those who do believe in Christ will have to be strong. Pray for courage young friend.

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    I think you are the best kind of Christian there can be.

    I am spiritual but not christian. I do belive in God, but in my own way. I enjoy talking and learning about various religions; I've studied Judaism and read the New Testament, as well as other religious texts.

    I've been accosted by (mostly) Christians too many times to count. I do not want to disprove God. But i do not want fanatical rantings pushed down my throat - it is a form of discrimination.

    Good for you buddy; choose your own path, that is great - and talk to people about it in a friendly and educated manner, if they want to talk about it with you. Just be nice to others, as you seem to be; love them even if you don't accept their beliefs, as this is also God's word. I have friends of all different types of beliefs, from atheism to hinduism, christianity and islam, etc. I think the best you can do is be informed and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". You don't want me trying to scare you into my religion by telling you that you are a bad person who is going to be tortured for all eternity. Clearly. I don't believe in your heaven and hell, but I don't dislike you for believing what you want, and i won't try to disuade you from your chosen path, just as i'd expect you to respect me in return and not push me down a path i didn't choose.

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    Yes on the proffesing god's word part. I believe it also says to ignore the guy preaching out loud and well proffessing their faith. More contradictions in the bible make it way less believable than it is now.

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