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putting to bed the messi/ ronaldo debate; why is messi so much better than ronaldo?

he's not!!! people say messi is "GOD", i say ronaldo is God and always have done for the past 4 to 5 years, people say messi is better than ronaldo, i say why?? cristiano ronaldo is a far more complete football player than any other player both past and present, that's a definate. people say messi is more consistant but did anybody watch ronaldo when he was at man united and has anybody watched ronaldo this season at all?? messi is perhaps better than ronaldo at maybe a couple of things, dribbling when running with the ball and maybe the odd cheeky clever goal here and there, but that's it, having said that though, ronaldo has scored some of the best goals i have ever seen in my life, evry bit as good as messi's, if not better, and the tricks and skills ronaldo has when he's dribbling is far better than anything ive ever seen messi do, so if ronaldo has more dribbling tricks with the ball than messi, that's a skill better ronaldo has that messi does not, and what are the skills exactly that messi possesses that ronaldo has not got?? messi scores great goals, so does ronaldo, both messi and ronaldo are crazy with the ball at there feet, messi runs circles around the whole defence and maybe ronaldo does'nt take the whole defence on like messi does but then again you could say messi does not possess the tricks that ronaldo has, it could literally go on forever.... ronaldo is a great header of the ball, messi is okay at heading the ball, messi probably is better at tackling although neither really slide-tackle that often, ronaldo is probably stronger than messi but i will admit that messi does stay on his feet alot more often than diving ronaldo but hey i love diving in football so who cares really?? ronaldo and messi are equally as fast, maybe messi just wins it but slightly, ronaldo and messi have great ball control and great ball skills, messi is definately more conistant at keeping the ball but that's jus because he does not take risks like ronaldo does and show-boat any tricks but that's just because he does not have any like ronaldo does, yes, ronaldo is a show-boater and sometimes looses the ball when doing his tricks but it's still entertaining to watch, messi is basic when dribbling past players but is the best player ever lived at doing it, and i do admit that is evry bit as great to watch as ronaldo's show-boating, it's far more consistant but is it really as entertaining?? both are genius's at passing the ball, aswell as creating goals and scoring goals but overall ronaldo just appears to be more complete than messi, maybe not a better football player, but ronaldo just seems to bring more to the game, messi is more basic, they're equally as consistent, so therefore in my opinion a more all-round player is the better player, ronaldo is in 'my' opinion a better player than messi, and if not, i'm still waiting to here why messi is so much better than roanldo?? is it just me that thinks the whole hype of messi being so much better than ronaldo is a complete joke or am i living on a completely different planet here? the messi hype over-shadowing ronaldo's greatness is just killing me.


dahm you guyz bug the sh1t out of me!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!! why exactly does ronaldo being a show-boater, arrogant, cocky, diver, cheater or whatever you want to label him as got anything what so-fricken-ever to do with the fact he is an excellent perfect football player?? messi does'nt dive, so what?? ronaldo does, AND?????.....

Update 2:

look oxon dude, im going to be 50/50 split down the middle here so it shows that i'm not being biased towards ronnie okay, but messi is a far better defender than ronnie, ronnie never runs back to defend ever, plain and simple, messi runs evrywhere like a headless chicken all game, sorry but i can not proove my point unless i'm showing to be honest, that is all my friend.....

Update 3:

i find it unbelievable that evrybody is already handing the champions league to barcelona, itz crazy, real madrid are top of spanish primera la lige by 6 clear shiny pointz, so should the favourites not be madrid considering they are probably a better team than barce'???

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    Messi can take 4-5 defenders at once without losing the ball off his feet , Ronaldo cannot do that . Ronaldo is good in striking long distance shot and yet very powerful but the accuracy must be very precise . Meanwhile Messi is the one who prefers to dribble across 4-5 defenders and pass the ball into the net . In my opinion , Messi is a much more complete player than Ronaldo . IF Ronaldo is a complete player why he couldnt keep the ball to his feet even with 1 defender around him ? Besides , Ronaldo ridiculous dive against Valencia is horrible . He tripped off himself and ran another few yards into the penalty box and dived for a penalty . Luckily the referee wasn't stupid to believe that. Its ashamed that a "complete player" would do such things . Despite all of that , Ronaldo has a very bad sportsmanship . He complains everytime when his teammates didnt pass the ball to him for a goal . You can clearly see his attitude in every football games . Just watch the match against Valencia . He got so frustrated and decide to dive for a penalty . I also realised Messi dives sometimes but it only happens when someones pulling his shirt or accidentaly kicked his foot . OVERALL , Messi is a better player . He can scores unbelieable goals that no one is going to expect , not even the goal keeper .

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  • Brooke
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    4 years ago

    I am a Madrid fan and think Ronaldo has been having an incredible season this year. His average number of goals per game lately is 2, and he's going to beat his record of goals from last year. With that said, Barcelona is a really good team too and I think Messi is a amazing soccer player as well. Ronaldo and Messi can probably be considered the worlds top two players, or at least high up there. They're each slightly different and I guess it depends which club you like better.

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  • 8 years ago

    Messi has scored 5 in a UCL match, Ronaldo has not

    Messi has 3 UCL titles, Ronaldo 1

    Messi has 3 WPOY/Ballon D'Or Awards, Ronaldo 1

    Messi shows up in big games, Ronaldo becomes LeBron James in big games

    Messi's passing is world class, Ronaldo barely passes, and when he does, they are not effective

    Youtube thumbnail

    This video shows all why Messi > Ronaldo.

    And btw, Real rarely beats Barca. Barcelona > Real Madrid.

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  • 8 years ago

    Let's see...

    On one hand you have former star professional players, lifelong journalists, top broadcasters, football managers, analysts, and current players and managers saying Messi is the greatest in the world. Not to mention the pile of silverware and individual records and awards he's achieved.

    On the other hand, we have a frustrated Ronaldo fanboy like you that cannot even type with proper grammar and has no concept of sentence or paragraph structure, claiming Ronaldo is the greatest in the world.

    Gee, that's a hard one!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Why messi better:

    1) ronaldo too greedy

    2) for a small guy messi kills defences

    3) better goals scored by messi

    4) cool record breaker

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Christiano is the top scorer in Europe not Messi.

    Real Madrid is going to win La Liga not Barcalona.

    Christiano is a better captain and leader than Messi (Argentina 0-4 Germany) where was Messi?

    Both have won their share of silverware and both are high scorers but Christiano shows leadership!

    Messi does very little in playing defense compared to Christiano.

    People have already given Barcelona the Champions league, but don't be so quick because whoever wins the Real Madrid/Bayern Munich will win the title.

    the referees will not steal the win for Barcelona in Munich like they would at Camp Nou.

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  • 5 years ago

    Ronaldo is best player in the world

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  • 8 years ago

    Ronaldo is prettier, that's about it! I'm sure he spends about an hour preening himself before he comes out to play!! Only's probably only about 20 minutes!

    Seriously dude. You're are on a different planet!

    In 20 or 30 years time the only Ronaldo that will be spoken about will be the Brazilian version! Cristiano Ronaldo is a very good player, but if we were talking the greatest players of all time he may just about make the top 20!

    Messi plays for Barcelona! Ronaldo plays for Ronaldo! He went to Man U for money, then to Real Madrid for money,he'll be off somewhere else in a season or two, for money!

    Here's a concession for you! Ronaldo is arguably a little better in the air. That's it! Nil else.

    As you asked, here's the reasons Messi is better! He makes more goals, scores more goals, is a better passer, a better finisher, a better dribbler, a better decision maker, a better tackler, a much harder worker for the team. AND, when the big games come along he always plays well! Ronaldo usually disappears!

    Yes, Ronaldo does more tricks, and while he's doing them he's going nowhere! He just likes to show off! Messi can do tricks, he just doesn't need tricks. It is a real pleasure to see a young man who plays the game the right way. He has honesty and has integrity, something Ronaldo doesn't appear to have, judging by the amount of diving and cheating he does in every game. Diving ruins football and most football fans hate it!

    Put it this way, football is a team game and Messi plays for his team. Ronaldo plays for himself! Open your eyes and remove your Madrid coloured spectacles, and enjoy the phenomenon of Lionel Messi, the likes of which you may never see again!

    Oh, and if you think tricks are what makes greatness then take a look on You-Tube. There are guys on there that would put Ronaldo and Messi to shame!

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  • 8 years ago

    because he flops in big games, otherwise ronaldo is the better player.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ronaldo misses too many sitters !

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