How hard would it be for me to immigrate to the UK?

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I'm an American citizen but I live in Germany with permanent residency. I'm married to a German citizen and my son is considered a German citizen. I can become a German more
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Shouldn't be a problem since your wife can move and you can get an EEA family permit.

Since you would lose your US citizenship if you would naturalize as a German citizen, you might not want to naturalize, so if you want to move, getting a permit shouldn't be hard.

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  • Kittysue answered 2 years ago
    You can move to the UK on an EEA family permit as long as you are moving there with your German citizen wife

    But if you just wait for 3 years until you acquire your German citizenship then you can move to the UK or any other EU country at any time without having to apply for any sort of visa. You can just move to the UK as a German citizen and start working tomorrow if you wanted
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  • Mmm answered 2 years ago
    The UK is cracking down on immigration and getting in now is very hard. We are one of the most densely populated country's in Europe right now.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    You would have to check with the immigration board but why would you want to come here to the UK when unemployment is terrible, around 2000 people applying for each job all for the minimum wage, it is not a place I would want to bring children up in. The cost of living is very expensive and crime very high, Good Luck
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  • Scott answered 2 years ago
    If middle eastern people can move in here and open up corner shops and Polish people can move over and take over all the jobs, then yes it will be pretty easy for you to immigrate to here, call up some numbers and find out any information you need, write down any questions you can think of before calling. Also before ending the call, always ask them if there is anything else they think you should know.

    You live in Germany, i dont see why you would want to move to the UK, Germany is a far better country, if you want to move, at least move to France, they are also a better country than the UK and just about as good as Germany. The top 3 countries in the EU from top to bottom are, Germany, France and UK. I wouldn't recommend downgrading. Me personally i want to move out of the UK and one day live in Japan or America. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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