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How can i tame my naturally wild hair?

My hair is wild.

It is naturally curly/frizzy/wavy and it's doing my head in.

I have to straighten it 3 times for it actually go straight and it stays straight for 3 hours at the most. I want to try and tame it without completely getting rid of the volume my hair has.

I need my hair to straighten quicker because of school in the morning and if i tie it up i will get frizzy bits at the back and sides of my hair!



I have mousy brown hair, If i dip dyed it what colour should i do it with that would suit my wavy hair??

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    I feel your pain lol. I have very curly hair that can get frizzy easily. It took me a long time to get good at doing it but it's definitely possible to make your hair look however you want it to.

    If you're straightening it the best way is to blow dry it first with a round brush then iron it. The Marilyn hair brush is the best. You want to put some product in your hair before you blow dry it. Biosilk is one of the best products. Another one that I like even better is Fantasia Hair Polisher for damaged and color treated hair. You can buy it at Walmart. It's in a blue bottle and it's better because it doesn't have alcohol in it. (You want to try to find products without alcohol as an ingredient because if you read the label on most products they contain alcohol.) It's an oil that keeps your hair protected and moisturized. You apply a very small amount and start at the ends of your hair. Then you take small pieces and blow dry them one at a time. Oh and you want to get a nozzel for your blow dryer so you get more accurate direction to where the heat is going. Then after you blow dry it all you go over it with an iron. It's definitely worth it to invest in a good hair iron. There are some that set your hair so it will stay straight and frizz free in almost any situation. The Chi is a good brand but the one I have now is a Babyliss. It's blue with ceramic plates. I was able to find it at a beauty supply for only 60$ but I think it's usually more expensive so shop around. A good idea is to blow dry your hair the night before and then iron it in the morning so there aren't any creases.

    BUT I would really try to wear your hair curly sometimes. It's really easy if you dry your hair a tiny bit with a towel then apply a gel or mouse while it is still wet. The best result is to let it air dry but if you get a diffuser that works great for curly hair too. A diffuser is like a blow dryer but the hot air comes out slower and its a wider opening almost like a fan so it won't make your hair frizzy. I like Herbal Essences mouse for curly hair, it's in a purple can. You want to make sure your whole head has product in it so you have to put your head down so you can get product to the hair underneath.

    I like to take small pieces of my hair and twist them so the curls are more defined. This can take a while but if you apply a good amount of mouse you should be able to wear it for at least two days without having to redo your hair. You can just touch it up in the morning.

    If you really never want to wear your hair curly you can consider relaxing it. I've done that before and it loosens your curls and makes it easier to straighten. You just want to be careful to go somewhere where they know the amount to put in your hair based on it's texture because some relaxers are harsher than others. You don't want to do it too often either because it can damage your hair.

    You also want to make sure you have a good deep conditioner and its best to use it every time you shampoo. Olive Oil has great deep conditioners that leave your hair less frizzy and you can buy it at Walmart. You also want to shampoo your hair as little as possible. Every other day AT MOST because curly hair is naturally dry so it doesn't need to be stripped of more moisture when you shampoo it. Also John Freida makes a good hairspray for keeping straight hair from getting frizzy and it doesn't leave your hair stiff.

    Getting the right products and tools can make all the difference in how easy it is to style and how long it stays in that style. Also another trick is to use dry shampoo on your scalp so you can keep your hair straight for longer. It absorbs oil so your hair won't look greasy. I can go a week without washing my hair while having it straight.

    Another trick to maintain your hair while you're sleeping is to take a brush and brush your hair around your head sort of like a crown. You want to start at the front and take the front three inches of your hair and start brushing them down towards your ear, around the back of your head, and back up to the front and pinning it in place with bobby pins. Then cover it with a handkercheif. This keeps your hair from getting creased and frizzy from tossing and turning at night.

    Also if you keep your hair trimmed without coarse damaged ends it's much easier to manage.

    Another little trick I discovered is if you want to dye your hair lighter it acts as a light relaxer keeping your hair less frizzy and poufy.

    You could also consider wearing your hair shorter because it takes alot less time to style. Short haircuts are in style now and you could get one that compliments your face shape.

    I hope I helped. Email me if you have any questioned.

    Source(s): 25 years of experience with curly hair.
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    I would say invest in a good flat iron and brush it out holding hair taunt while running the flat iron through. Remember to take thin pieces of hair at a time! After you might still be frizzy so run some shining serum through your hair. That should work

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    I have the same problem and same hair type.. wen hair does wonders! Try some kind of relaxer anti frizz.. when its humid i look like i have wings from all the baby hairs sticking up lol... i looked up frizz control and there is lots of things to help.

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    use morracin oil products. or u can ask your hairstylist about getting a gentle relaxer. make sure you tell her u dont want a very strong relaxer. just 1 strong enough to relax your curl and so its easier for u to maintain

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    use three day straight by John Freida

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