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Which countries support Argentina's claim to the Falklands? And also Britain's'?

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    no one really, when Argentina joined the UN they requested the Falklands to be given to them, Britain said ok lets have a hearing 4 times with the UN Argentina refused as they know it would end up having to have a referendum on the falklands. then they invaded a few years down the line.

    so i think its a tough one, until argintinia goes through legal proceedings within the UN with britian who knows whos on whos side

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    I suspect that very nearly all south american countries support Argentina's claims.. i have no idea who supports Britain's claims.. in fact i don't care , The falklands are British and will remain so until the falklands people decide to change their minds.

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    I think that´s not the important point in this problem of sovereignity... Argentina has very good reasons to claim the islands...

    David Cameron says they want to respect the islanders´ self-determination, but is it logical that the "islanders" can decide about which country they want to belong when most of the islanders are from the UK? Let´s see... What´d happen if most of them were from another part of the world? Do you think it´d be the same?

    Besides, if english people only try to understand under which circumstances Argentina went to the war they´d realise that this problem isn´t with the argentinian population. Because at that time the one who decided to start the war was a man who had commited crimes against humanity, destroy the local economy and sent hundreds of boys with no experience in order to die there because they didn´t have food or anything to stay warm....

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    Most of the world supports argentina's claims, mainly because they are dictatorships or just think it's closer and don't know the details. Only america, frances and a few others support Britain's claim.

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    South American countries are showing limited support to Argentina but really they don't want to get involved. And the argentines are massively overestimating their global support. The UN recognises the islanders wish to remain British.

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    The saying in Argentina is 'we can beat the British but not the Americans'' I do believe there is a new mind set in America this next go around I think you will find America will indeed remain neutral

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    Who cares if the whole world supports them and none us. It's British and will stay so.

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