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How many years has the U.S. had of peace since 1775?

Do you know history?


Mimi, you really don't like Jews do you? So what is it that's the white race from your definition? Do you even know why you're white? What makes someone different from white, black, red, yellow or brown? Do you know why? What is it that is a Jew? Do you think Jews are only white? Sheeple is slang from people dumb as sheep, which is Biblical in origins. You do realize the Bible has the Tora in it and Jesus is a Jew. A crucified Jew, who paid the price for what others did to him. You do know that right? Do you believe in God?

Update 2:

Douglas, you're very wrong about Americans wiping out Native Indians. You know all those Mexicans. Plus the Central and South American countries? Most of them still have Native Indian blood, but speak Spanish now. Including Cuba.

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