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Is it really worth having a girlfriend?

I am 24 now. Got a good job, moved into a new flat, have amazing friends and I am trying to enjoy my life. I have never had a girlfriend before. Its not like I hate girls, I have asked out a few girls and they have all rejected me. I must be unlucky because I have been trying my best since I was 16 but nothing seems to work out and I feel embarrased when most of my friends are in long term relationships like 8 years, 5 years whereas I am still looking for my girl.

I have to ask a girl out, if she says no then keep trying but if its yes then I will have to take her out on dates, spend money on her and buy her occasional gifts, I have to try and make her like me... I feel that I am actually putting in a lot of effort here for nothing because I am still going to be same old guy with a good job, wonderful friends etc... I am not sure how she can make my life more better. I am not sure if I will be as lucky as my friends she might be with me just for a year or maybe atleast 2 and then who knows she might find someone better or things might just not work between us and then I will have to start back this same old thing again. So I am not sure if all this rejections and heartbreak is actually going to be worth it in the end...

People can say I can get sex from girlfriend but then honestly is that the only reason why people are actually having relationships, the guy spends money on her and in return the girl gives him sex..

My friends tell me the right girl will definitely make a difference in my life but then if she hasn't come in the last 8 years is she ever going to come? I feel like I am wasting my time trying to ask out girls when I am not sure if she is going to be worth it... these rejections are painful like hell... Is having a girlfriend really worth all these rejections?

Thank you

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    The relationship you're describing won't make you happy, that is true. A girl that loves and respects you wouldn't expect you to put all the effort into the relationship. She also wouldn't expect you to waste all your money on her. 24 is still young to give up on finding a girlfriend, so keep your head up.

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    You sound like you have low self esteem and you're kinda depressed over this. When you find the right person, they will definitely be worth having in your life and they will enrich it. Perhaps you feel this way coz the girls you've tried with are not anything special to you so you don't feel it's worth it. I agree with you that lots of ppl are in a relationship is to avoid loneliness, have sex more often, etc. And then they cheat when they get a chance or whatever. So stupid....So, if I were you I'd wait till someone worthwhile comes along...And she will. Just be positive and be happy!!

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  • Dude, it sounds stupid but it's not. Life is wonderful when you have a girlfriend. I am miserable now that all my friends have a girlfriend recently and I haven't been able to get one. I have seen the change in one of my friend's life once he has a girlfriend. He has been alot happier. He was always a chill guy but now he has a girlfriend he can't stop smiling. :)

    Take your chances at any time you get. Good luck.

    There is gonna be heartache but in the end I think it's worth it! gluck.

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    Ill tell you one thing, You will get allot more **** off us then you will good times. If you do have allot of good times however then it will just be harder when you do break up. Dont go looking for love because you never find anything. I do think people need the experience of being in a relationship even for a little bit but if you ask me, no its not worth it. Thats just my opinion though, im better off single.

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    Just remember what u posted on my question, dont lose hope u will find love one day and never regret anything. Best of luck to u!

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