I have a fear of leaving the house?

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A few years ago I tried sleeping over at a cousin's house and I'd always been able to do it up until then, but for some strange reason, I was really worried and I started ...show more
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some people are just very inward or shy, that might be you, and just because you have anxiety in public, that doesn't make you pathetic. If you are very serious about this you may have something called Agoraphobia. It's not common and most people with it are looked at as pathetic as you said because people can't grasp how hard it is for you to be in public.

I would talk to your parents seriously and tell them you would like to see someone about it to see if your just real anxious or to see if there really is a problem. Either way anxiety is pretty serious also.

I can tell you that it's something you really have to work through, you will eventually be able to stay out more and more but it most likely will rely on routines like you said, every now and then you gotta force yourself to do something spur of the moment, even if it's only for 2 minutes across the street. whatever just throw yourself off and you will notice you will get more comfortable. Most importantly your family has to take you seriously. it's not nothing and it's not pathetic

Good luck

Let's just say i have had personal experience...hint hint

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Thank you for your advice I appreciate it (:
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  • Drake answered 2 years ago
    Well you don't have to push yourself going out one time.. you have to do it step by step.. like for the 1st you can go out with your friends to eat maybe or watch movies.. then maybe another time you could go to club or garden.. then you maybe out of this problem and you can get back to normal life.. if that didn't success let me know plz.
    Stay safe.. Good luck.
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  • bayertx answered 2 years ago
    Sounds to be like you have symptoms of Agoraphobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Agoraphobia is fear of going outside, or being in a place were escape is imposible. You may want to call your local helpline and ask where you can get help. Don't worry, both can be treated and in many cases very successfully. I am not a doctor but I used to work with a psychiatrist for a few years. Look into it. Good luck. Recovery is POSIBLE.
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  • Hafza answered 2 years ago
    Just go in small steps, try stepping outside, then walking.up and down the road. Then try the shops. Then get on a bus. Then go visit ur friend. Then stay till late, then sleep over..
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  • Elizabeth Easel answered 2 years ago
    It sounds like you are developing a phobia of leaving your home. All phobias are frustrating and even embarrassing. In fact, I'm so embarrassed and paranoid about my phobia that I can't even bring myself to tell you what it is in an anonymous forum. Nonetheless, here is an article about what you can do to bring phobias under control, and don't forget to look at the supplementary articles on the left side of the page: http://www.watchtower.org/e/19980722/art...
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  • CONSULTANT PSYCHOLOGIST answered 2 years ago
    Go through the door and find the pastures of a good life:

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  • Daniel answered 2 years ago
    Go out skipping, you'll earn street respect from the 'manz'.
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