Is it true Stephan Hawking knows every single thing in the world?

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Yes I know he's the smartest person in the world. But everything? Really..
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Not sure if you could define him as the smartest person in the world, if you wanted to know about evolutionary biology, you could go to Richard Dawkins or Steve Jones, if you wanted to know about information technology you could go to someone like Bill Gates, acting maybe Kenneth Branagh or Judi Dench or so forth. Knowledge is usually something you specialise in. Even quiz genius specialise in answers relevant to quizzes.

Baker, I think you find that he knows how to walk, he just lacks the ability.
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  • Nico Nicolai answered 2 years ago
    yes...and me too...
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  • Martyn answered 2 years ago
    It's true. As a robot he's programmed to know these things...
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  • sunshine answered 2 years ago
    nobody knows everything

    it is impossible to know everything, we part of nature and we have no way of looking at ourselves except through our limited senses.
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  • Ayush answered 2 years ago
    No one is perfect in this world.


    NO ONE ;-)
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  • Anon answered 2 years ago
    Of course not.
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  • Zarn answered 2 years ago
    No, he doesn't know everything. No, he's not the smartest person in the world. His IQ, if you're using that as a measure of "smart", is estimated at or over 160. However, there are others that are beyond that.
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  • Baker! answered 2 years ago
    Of course not, he doesn't even know how to walk.
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