My great grandfather served in the German Army during WW2.?

I'm in college and had to write a speech about a brave person in out family. I am half German and wrote about my great grandfather. Her was 17 when he had to fight for Germany in WW2. My poor grandpa always said he didn't know any better. In elementary and middle school he was taught that the world was against Hitler and wanted to kill Germans. Like he said " we were all brain washed. Anyways, during my speech I spoke of how brave he was to be 17 and had to fight. A Jewish student got up and interrupted me, also an African american, and another student. They all said I was a fool for writing about a killer. I felt so angry and sad. By no means am I a racist girl, or agreed with NAZI beliefs. I was just Writting about a 17 year old who had to fight for his country after being brained washed. I got an F from my professor he is Jewish. Should I do something about it? Like I mentioned my speech was very clean and politically correct.

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    8 years ago
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    I don't know why people keep bring this up,your grandfather was in the army,there was a war,he was doing what he had to do,I wish people in your class would realise war is war things happen and people get killed its called war,Those people in your class no nothing about the hell he went through,he was just doing his job,and they have no right to be so judgemental they only see whats on the tv

    You did nothing wrong, the people in your class are narrow minded and your teacher is a jew and marked you a F?

    Tell your head of school you want a re-mark by another teacher because your teacher is racist against you because of your grandfather.

    There was nothing wrong with you talking about your grandfather and I know he would be proud of you for doing it...well done.

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    Your grandfather fought in service of his COUNTRY, just like tens of millions of boys and young men in those horrible years. This does not make him or you a bad person. However, this is an area where many people will have difficulties seperating the experience of the individual being written about from the greater ethical/political implications of the time in which he lived. That is why they are having an emotional reaction to an academic endeavor.

    Your grandfather was a very young man who did his duty when called upon by his country. Take Germany out of the equation and substitute say the U.S. or Britain or even the Stalin's Soviet Union and would these people have objected? Would you have recieved a failing grade? The assignment needs to be judged on its merits, not people's personal feelings about the Nazi regime. That is the case you need to make.

    Just don't expect to change anything. In today's schools one can not present others with idea's that anyone in any way might find provocative or upsetting. Someone might get their feelings hurt and then it would be anarchy - cats and dogs living together and everything. We can't have people thinking THAT independently!

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    I agree that you should get your parents involved and take this to a higher authority. At the very least, you should be offered the opportunity to re-do the assignment, and when you do, I highly recommend writing a speech about yourself, for being brave enough to do what you did and then stand up for yourself.

    I also agree that you ought to contact the local media. Enlist the aid of your parents and try newspapers, television stations, and radio shows. If there is a conservative talk radio host in your city, you should contact him/her, because they usually jump all over this stuff.

    Do not stand down. You are right. I also think it is probably highly likely that your great grandfather was drafted, and going to war was inescapable for him. You are absolutely right--a young man going to war ALWAYS takes bravery and courage, and is NEVER an easy thing to do.

    Think about Vietnam--how many people in the US today think that was a good idea? How many veterans came home to get spit on and attacked by other Americans just because they were sent to fight in Vietnam? How many young men, and women, have been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan--both very unpopular wars? Are they "brainwashed"? Do they "know better"?

    Ask your teacher if he thinks it would have been ok if you had spoken about your (hypothetical) American uncle who went to Vietnam and napalmed a village of civilians. War is NEVER good. People die horrible, violent deaths, and people on both sides commit these atrocities. But war is a fact of life. Someone in your teacher's family probably fought in a war at one time or another. It doesn't matter what side you're on. You get drafted, and you go. The alternative is running away and hiding, and risking prison. And a lot of prisoners got sent to war anyway.

    Your teacher is a fool. He just didn't like the content. There is nothing inherently wrong with your speech. I would fight this to the death. If I was a lawyer, I'd represent you pro bono.

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    8 years ago

    there is a HUGE difference between a soldier fighting for his country even though the leaders were evil, and the supporters of the evil, the SS, the camp guards etc.

    Irish German decent , very ashamed of germany but I can understand a small part of the motivation

    Americans are just a capable of following evil or at least misdirected leaders

    the present Catholic Pope, Benedict VI was said to be in the Hitler youth

    those church leaders who did NOT speak out against the nazis were more morally corrupt

    WW I poem:

    " ands when will they reject the ancient lie, 'dulce et decorum eest, pro patria morti' "

    ( Latin, it is sweet and just to die for ones country"

    Source(s): nothing is simple
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    Dude thats why I dont tell anybody about my grandpa who was in the same situation as yours he was brainwashed by the times and didnt know any better besides if he didnt they would have forced him in its unfair the way the regular people of germany are portrayed because of the group in power at the time my grandfather was a soldier not a nazi and I wont listen to any other opinion... but i still wont write essays about it ya know what I mean?

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    The Wehrmacht were took almost no-part in the holocaust. If he was in the SS, that would have been a completely different story.

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    Why did you get an F according to the teacher? Speak to him. I want to point out that most Germans who served during the war were not Nazis. They were in the regular army and served because it was patriotic. Ask your teacher about the famous pilot Adolph Gelland.

    To me, and I am a pacifist, against American military engagements totally, those students who attacked you should realize that America attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, so perhaps they are the real fascists.

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    Well they obviously have very little understanding of WWII.

    Take it up with the administration.

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    Nothing the Germans did during WW2 was brave or honorable. They were an entire civilization based on conquest and the eradication of a religious group, this is nothing short of despotic and fascist at any level. I recommend you pick your next hero more carefully.

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    Take it up to the administration. If they do not do anything about it, than go tell the media.

    Source(s): I will not stand for my heritage being criticized against! - Quarter German who's Great Grandparents were over there as well.
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