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why electric aircraft?

Everyone keeps saying that Electric vehicles aren't good enough. I thought I'd give you an example of what current technology without using capacitors does for flight. Say you want to fly from Toronto, Canada to Paris, France. It's an ideal vacation or business trip right? You say EV's aren't fast enough, and I'm saying the prototype designs aren't being built to scale. Now I'm going to crunch some accounting numbers for you. Just to show you we can get off oil today. Right now if you demand it. The average cost for such a flight is around $1000 Canadian/American. Ok check this out, this should convince you, by accounting.


We can get a helicopter to do 250 knots per hour today. Sikorsky has developed the X2. Now let's ask their engineers to think bigger. Here's the cool part. Really cool. It's a 3231kn trip. The fastest commercial flight will take 7hrs and 25 minutes direct. With the electric that they can build it would take roughly 13 hours. Now I'm going to break down the costs of flight.

Update 2:

60 high tech lithium ion batteries is needed. It's $2.50 a battery to charge. We'll double that for argument's sake to $5.00. For 100 people

$3000 / 100

plus flight crew and services

$30 per person for energy

$650 for pilot $50 an hr = $6.5

$325 for co-pilot $25 = 3.25

$15 hr for stuartess' x 13 x 4 =$7.80

customs $40 = $4

baggage $25 = $2.5

$54.05 per person plus tax

and throw tax of 25% to be an ******* $13.52

total flight costs? $67.57 flying electric with an enlarged sikorsky x2. All in!

hell you can charge an extra 25% to pay off the aircraft in addition to all the above $16.90 for fleet upgrade fee and it would still only be $84.47

under $100 from toronto to paris in 13 hours.

It's still 10 times cheaper and it only hurts oil companies.

And we'll use hydro power, with a very interesting non environmental devastating technology, for the moment.

Update 3:

Do you have any idea how easy it is to charge 60 batteries? We'll even say car batteries. Not that ******* hard man. If you had to, you can pay people to hand crank the juice in. Energy is a finite resource. Oil and coal aren't. There's more than one way to generate energy.

Update 4:

Bio-fuel isn't an option unless we change the cannabis laws. Cannabis will grow anywhere. You can make bio-diesel out of it no problem, but you still have green house emissions if everyone burns it and everyone would get high from the fumes. When you start allocating food for fuel people everywhere will starve. Bio-fuel would only make a very small portion to energy, though I do have 4 solutions that I'm not going to share with anyone just yet on how to generate no impact green energy, because I, unlike most have the solution. Let's just say 1 of them is bloody huge. The second one is bloody huge also and not as much work as the first one to get going, the third one is just bloody smart and the 4th one is bloody simple. You're not talking to a dimwit.

Update 5:

When I reveal my solutions, you'll see that I'm right. I'm also sure every nation will agree with it and implement it. Bio-diesel as a solution will only make up 4% of energy needed. Where's the rest going to come from? It's a fraction of a much large equation. Some things have to be kept secret or they don't work because of timing. Have faith.

Update 6:

Do you know a quote from Tesla "the future is mine"? Well that was 2009. Now I'm saying it.

Update 7:

Mindless sheep.What's the point asking what people think when you don't know how to, just what too?

Update 8:

Your comment about turbofans is ignorant. Especially on how they work. We can make a turbofan that's electric with the same amount of thrust, perhaps even more so. Turbines no, turbofans yes!

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    The power from 60 LION batteries will not cut it. You would get airborne for maybe 15 minutes with that. From that you may get 300 HP for a while. However, a 100 passenger jet develops over 10,000 HP to get the plane in the air.

  • Neil
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    9 years ago

    Your numbers are bogus, top to bottom.

    Lithium batteries are heavy.

    Update: So you continue to demonstrate that you are an arrogant fool.

    Want to know what's wrong with your numbers? A few examples: Your personnel costs make no allowence for taxes or fringe benefits, you make no provision for maintenance, and you include no cost of selling tickets, leasing gates or ticket counter space, or landing fees.

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    electric engines are weak. you would never see jumbo jets like the a330 running on electric. The standard 777-200 is capable of making 94,000 pounds of thrust (General Electric 90-94b1) in each engine. Who gives a **** about the Eco-Friendly gas crap. Pshhhh, I drive Hummers not Rice Burners.Wake up and smell the coffee, you will never see electric planes. tree hugger....

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    AND, what do you use to charge the batteries? OIL/COAL generators. Grow the fk up and smell the coffee. (to stupid to even post what you wanted us to check out)

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