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ESTA for dual citizenship?

I have a dual nationality, one of countries of which I am a citizen is eligible for the ESTA, the other is not. I have heard that this document is easy to get, there are not so many checks and going into details as the regular process for obtaining a tourist visa, and even though I am going to the US purely for pleasure and have nothing to hide, my trip is important and I am concerned about getting rejected. I want to ask is it okay that on my application document it will say that I have another citizenship and I permanently reside in this second country or are they going to look at me as any other applicant? What exactly do they look for when they receive these documents? And is it safe to buy the plane ticket in advance before filling out the document?

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    The ESTA is an Electronic System for Travel Authorization. In other words nobody looks at your application in general. You just need to provide the details of the passport you plan to use for seeking entry to the U.S., the country where you live, and to answer seven yes/no questions. The flight and address details, e-mail address, and telephone number columns are optional to be filled and can be left blank. This enables you to apply for it well in advance to have it ready for short term travel. The ESTA is valid for two years or until your passport expires whichever occurs at first.

    The authorization is in general given on the spot after your personal/passport data have been electronically checked against databases of unwelcomed persons and those who are banned from entry. Your application will only be processed manually if you have answered one of the questions with yes. In this case you can check your application status within 72 hours.

    The application involves a fee of US$4.00; additional $10.00 will be levied when you receive an "Authorization Approved" status. ..

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