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jobs/careers that involve travel?

I have no idea what I want to be in life- I just know I love to travel

Can anyone think of any jobs that involve traveling and staying places for long periods of time?

if you can help, thanks!! :)

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    8 years ago
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    Here are some field related travel jobs as followed:

    Travel Nurse

    Travel nurses are registered nurses who travel to different medical facilities to apply their trade. Travel nurses generally work a 12-hour shift, where they are expected to care for five to seven patients. Patient care involves coordinating patients' appointments; administering medication and injections; providing proper dental and hygienic care, emergency response and CPR and completing shift paperwork. Most agencies require registered nurses to have at least one year of experience in a medical facility prior to registration. Once accepted, however, a travel nurse position can quickly develop into a highly rewarding career for someone who enjoys helping others and loves to travel.

    Flight Attendant

    Flight attendants are trained work as a team to provide comfortable and safe airline service for passengers. Their duties include greeting passengers, assisting with seating arrangements, demonstrating airplane safety procedures, serving passengers food and beverages, checking for lost items, checking cabin supplies, preparing in-flight records and service reports and attending to passenger safety and emergencies. The position of the flight attendant requires excellent time management, excellent customer service skills, clear communication skills, professional and well-groomed demeanor and appearance, conformity to all airline safety rules and procedures and knowledge of all flight-related travel data and information.

    Tour Director

    Tour directors are hired by tour and transportation companies to conduct multi-day tours for travel passengers. According to, tour directors meet passengers at the airport, take care of travel arrangements, maintain information files, conduct location tours, provide information about local attractions and assist special needs travelers. Tour directors should possess an outgoing personality; excellent skills in communication, presentation and time management and an interest in history, travel, geography and research. Tour directors often work as independent contractors, dividing their time among several different companies. Because the travel industry requires year-round servicing, the position affords most tour directors the luxury of controlling their own work schedule.

    Travel Photographer

    Travel photographers travel from place to place taking photographs that tell visual stories. The position requires a command of field equipment and an understanding of how to capture and interpret various events. According to, being able to capture rare moments depends upon the photographer's knowledge of how to employ such things as flashes, light sources, color, motion, elements of composition, scale and emotion. Many travel photographers are self-taught, while others hold degrees in the visual arts and continue to hone their skills through apprenticeships, workshops and seminars. In the end, it is not the mechanics of taking the photograph that defines the job, but the ability to capture the essence of the location and its elements.


    An ethnomusicologist has the luxury of debating which is the better aspect of his career, the required travel or the documenting of ethnic sounds and music. Fortunately, there is no wrong answer. Known as the anthropologists of music, ethnomusicologists spend a good nine months of the year traveling to various parts of the world recording the cultural music and vocal sounds of people who, often, have never before been captured. Ethnomusicologists must possess a keen knowledge of audio recording and an understanding of geography, various languages, cultural groups and the history of those groups. Having a degree in a related field helps obtain funding for expeditions as well as prepares students for a life away from home.

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  • 5 years ago

    Truck driver

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  • 5 years ago

    Drug smuggler, but be prepared to spend years at a destination if caught

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