cyclical structure (returning to the beginning)?

what is the effect in a novel of returning to the same person or place that was in the beginning of the novel??

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    Depending on what happens in the story and where it began, it can have a number of effects. It could imply something positive; perhaps that life itself is cyclical and equal, and on going like a circle. So people live, people die and then it happens again like the seasons. It could mean that nothing can change and the story will always return to the base point, that the same things happen again and again and there is nothing that the characters can do about it. This could seem hopeless.

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    Cyclical Structure

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    Animal Farm is a perfect example of a book with cyclical structure. In Chapter One you have Jones in charge. The animals then spend ten chapters going through "revolution" and "change" and all sorts of struggles. At the end, Napoleon put on clothes from Jones's closet and acts exactly like him.

    The effect is to show the reader that a promise of change doesn't always mean things will change. No matter how "revolutionary" people may act, they will probably still end up in the same situation.

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    I would say that it's like bringing the story full circle. It's almost like tying up those final loose ends by bringing the events to an end at the place where they all began. Basically, it's the characters symbolically picking their lives up where they left off, so to speak.

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