Fifa 12 Career Mode : bad or worst ever?

I have started probably 4-5 serious career mode's where in each version after about 2-3 years i start getting freeze glitches. I have had realistically only 3-4 great prospects but each time it JUST KILLS ME INSIDE. This time I had a Spanish 16 year old ST who was 67, and a 17 yr old Belgian CB that was 68....

Does anyone have any insight as to having a successful long career mode without these freezing glitches. I'm going to delete every save i have, every roster update everything, and start from a completely fresh slate. GUH!

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  • Rachel
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    It is not the best or worst career mode but is a balanced one.

  • gurnam
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    flow for something that'll shop your visitors entertained. you do not opt to do a occupation Mode with a crew that wins each and every thing... that'll be boring. Do one with a crew that you've a problematical purpose with, which include having a Championship crew promoted, or getting a crew like Aston Villa, Everton or Sunderland into the Europa League. i ought to flow for a 2d branch aspect which include Birmingham or Ipswich, you'll make good signings with a small cost variety, attempt signing loose brokers or signing human beings on loan. Your visitors will love a merchandising conflict, exceptionally in case you're battling it out in a play-off very last. imagine about what stands out because the most unique and get you visitors and subscribers maximum previously you're making your decision. Oh, and what's your YouTube channel? i am going to subscribe and watch your videos :-)

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