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My dad disrespects my decision to be a pescatarian?

Since the age of 14, after watching 'Earthlings' I have been making sure to only consume free range organic animal products. Now that I am 18 I have decided to turn pescatarian but making sure that the seafood I consume come from their natural habitats as opposed to fish farms. I'm trying to reduce my intake of dairy products as they lead to veal production. My dad can be very narrow minded and he has called me a 'stupid girl' insisting that all vegetarians are stupid, difficult and fussy. I have argued with him about this but being new to this diet I still lack in alot of knowledge and was wondering if anyone could help me convince my dad and others around me who are against vegetarianism that just because some choose not to eat meat, it does not mean they are attention seekers who just enjoy causing inconvenience to meat eaters? It's so frustrating and offensive!


I referred to myself as a pescatarian? Not sure if you can read properly. My reason for this choice isn't because I believe meat eating is wrong but because of the environment these animals are brought up in. You also sound like a very narrow minded person so your answer is completely useless to me.

Update 2:

I referred to myself as a pescatarian? Not sure if you can read properly. My reason for this choice isn't because I believe meat eating is wrong but because of the environment these animals are brought up in. You also sound like a very narrow minded person so your answer is completely useless to me.

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    Oh no. I'm sorry this is happening to you. My older brother that I look up to didn't agree with my decision to go veg and he'd make fun of me. It really hurt my feelings even though I know he didn't mean to.

    Don't let anyone, no matter who they are - family, friend or loved one - tell you what to believe in. You are your own person and you are capible of making your own decisions. Stick strong to your convictions. They are YOURS. No one can take them from you. Unless you let them. We are all different and we all have our own point of view. You don't need to argue or explain yourself - especially when someone is attacking you or putting you down. I would either ignore them - you're better than them! Or keep it simple, "You're entitled to your opinion and so am I." Then walk away.

    PS- Don't listen to the fool above saying you're claiming to be something you aren't. Clearly they didn't read your post very clearly. You said Pescatarian - which is a vegetarian that eats fish. Simple as that. Some people suck.

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    Why is Dad making snarky comments about vegetarians? It's easy to head those off... "But Dad, I'm not a vegetarian. I eat fish." It's also fine to tell him that you aren't trying to get attention or create work. Assuming that you only mention that you're a pescetarian when it's relevant (say, when discussing your plans for eating with someone else) and that you're cooking your own food when you eat something different from your family, his point isn't valid and you can call him on it. (Be polite. He's your Dad.)

    If you talk about being a pescetarian and all of the health benefits regularly, then it's easy to see why he might think you're being obnoxious. Even if you don't direct it at him, if he's around every time you discuss your reasons for not eating land animals, it's going to be repetitive and sound like you're on a high horse. When people ask you about it, keep your answer succinct. People don't want a long explanation when they ask you why you're a pescetarian. They're just making conversation. Just saying, "Mostly environmental reasons" is plenty. If they want more information, offer to discuss it another time. Say, "Oh, everyone else has heard my spiel about a gazillion times. I'll send you an email about it later."

    If you're asking your Mom or Dad to cook you a special meal every other night, then you ARE inconveniencing them. (Stop it.) Start cooking for yourself as much as possible, and make a point of cooking for the entire family once in awhile. Show that you're making an effort to take responsibility for your choice. You don't need to knock yourself out making something elaborate, but consider making four portions rather than one sometimes. "Mom, Dad, I found a great recipe for fisherman's pie that I'd like to try. Can I make it for us on Sunday night?" or "Thanks for getting me the snapper. Can I broil it for everyone tonight? Will you help me make that yummy rice pilaf to go with it, Mom?" If Mom/Dad does make you something special, don't just say that you appreciate it. Show them. "Thanks for making me a shrimp kebab, Dad. Can I help you make the marinade/do the dishes?"

    (It's really hard to be mad at someone who just made you an awesome meal and then cleaned up.)

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    Actually, you did refer yourself correctly, but you are still a "meat-eater" in that you eat the flesh/meat of fish. But I get what you mean, my father was angry when I went vegan, but they get used to it and just pull throw. Maybe one day you can let go of fish...they have a face, and *shivers*

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    pull up articles about pescitarians being healthier than meat eaters (THEY ARE SO UR DADS A FAGGGOO) and don't listen to friendofchip, she clearly didn't read the part where you stated you were "pescitarian" which is someone who doesn't consume meat but they make exceptions for fish.

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    Well dear if you watched Earthlings and you're still eating meat, who wouldn't disrespect you for calling yourself a vegetarian, when you're CLEARLY not. I'm sure you think it's all cosy and love-nest in the sea where fish are scraped together and broken to make your fish dinners, but it's slaughter plain and simple and nobody cares if you're against fish farms. The sea is neither one nor the other. You eat fish, you're eating meat.

    He sounds pretty clueless too. PS I mean no disrespect, you're just claiming to be something you're not.

    That rankles.

    You could tell him to stop being so infantile and narrow minded against vegetarians, but then ,you're not one.

    And PPS, you're grown up, 18. Not 10.

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    tell him to get the F*** over it. its your decision. you're not telling him to stop eating meat. eliminating meat (especially red meat) is good for you. humans arent designed to be carnivores. make sure you take vitamins and consume protein shakes to replace the meat. you still need protein and iron and b12

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    What friendofchip said!

    Nicely put friendofchip|!

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    friendofchip says it all.

    Very succinctly put.

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