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GTAP!! asked in SportsFootball (American) · 8 years ago

How good is the Mock Draft 4.0?

I'm a few hours late but here is my Mock 4.0:

Round 1:

1. Colts- Andrew Luck QB

2. Rams- *TRADE* WAS- RG3

3. Vikings- Matt Kalil OT

4. Browns- Morris Claiborne CB

5. Bucs- Trent Richardson RB

6. Rams - Justin Blackmon WR

7. Jaguars- Riley Rieff OT

8. Dolphins- Melvin Ingram DE

9. Panthers- Dontari Poe- DT

10. Bills- Quinton Couples DE

11. Chiefs- David DeCastro OG

12. Seahawks- Ryan Tannehill QB

13. Cardinals- Jonathan Martin OT

14. Cowboys- Dre Kirkpatrick CB

15. Eagles- Fletcher Cox DT

16. Jets- Luke Kuechly ILB

17. Bengals- Janoris Jenkins CB

18. Chargers- Nick Perry DE/OLB

19. Bears- Michael Floyd WR

20. Titans- Whitney Mercilus DE

21. Bengals- Cordy Glenn OG

22. Browns- Mike Adams OT

23. Lions- Stephen Gilmore


24. Steelers- Dont’a Hightower ILB

25. Broncos- Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB

26. Texans- Stephen Hill WR

27. Patriots- Devon Still DT

28. Packers- Peter Konz C

29. Ravens- Andre Branch DE/OLB

30. 49ers- Kendall Wright WR

31. Patriots- Mark Barron SS

32. Giants- David Wilson


BQ: Round 2:

33. Rams- Michael Brockers DT

34. Colts- Mohamed Sanu WR

35. Vikings- Josh Robinson CB/KR

36. Bucs- Alfonzo Dennard CB

37. Browns- Alshon Jeffrey WR

38. Jaguars- Rueben Randle WR

39. Rams- Lamar Miller RB

40. Panthers- Kendall Reyes DT

41. Bills- Zach Brown OLB

42. Dolphins- Brandon Weeden QB

43. Seahawks- Jerel Worthy DT

44. Chiefs- Alameda Ta’amu NT

45. Cowboys- Chandler Jones DE/OLB

46. Eagles- Brock Osweiler QB

47. Jets- Brandon Thompson DT

48. Patriots- Vinny Curry DE

49. Chargers- Zebrie Sanders OT

50. Bears- Kelechie Osemele OG

51. Eagles- Bobby Wagner LB

52. Titans- Kevin Zeitler OG

53. Bengals- Doug Martin RB

54. Lions- Mychal Kendricks ILB

55. Falcons- Colby Fleener TE

56. Steelers- Bobby Massie OT

57. Broncos- Kirk Cousins QB

58. Texans- Juron Criner WR

59. Saints- Cam Johnson DE

60. Packers- Ronnell Lewis DE/OLB

61. Ravens- Harrison Smith SS

62. 49ers- Brandon Boykin CB

63. Patriots- Marvin Jones WR

64. Giants- Dwayne Allen TE

sorry if it came out funny


@ Jake- Holgram said he won't give up his other first round pick. Even though I agree with him it looks like the Rams want a bounty for the #2 pick.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Not too bad. But I don't think Richardson is going to go that high, especially in a pass first NFL. Same goes with Kendall Wright after running a slow 40 time at the combine, and certainly not ahead of Sanu and Jeffrey. Kirk Cousins will also likely be draft a lot sooner than the end of the 2nd round, same with Dwayne Allen.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think the Browns will get RG3, I don't think Gilmore is a first round talent, and apparently Kirckpatrick's stock really feel at the combine.

    I like that you have the Lions going with Kendricks in the 2nd round but I think first round we'd take either Barron, Kirkpatrick, or Jenkins.

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  • condon
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    It seems incredibly good as loads of it that I even have seen,yet i do no longer see Atlanta taking 2 WR's interior the 1st 2 rounds nonetheless.they choose extra on protection than offense.i ought to be certain Arizona passing on a QB interior the 1st around and getting a veteran.i ought to be certain Carolina additionally getting Gabbert.contemplate to Washington very achieveable.

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  • DB-C
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Brandon Thompson should go a lot higher, I'd be surprised to see Jerry Reese going RB in the first, I think he will take Thompson if he is still there and those 31 players are gone.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Looks good, switch your 4 and 5 picks though.

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  • 8 years ago

    A lot better now that you have Griffin going to the Redskins.

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  • Levi
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    GTAP you've finally got it!


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