Emachines boot cd faulty?

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I've booted it onto 2 cps and its messed up both. No wireless connection drivers not working properly and mostly unusuable what can I do?
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you need to clarify your question and perhaps "we" can help you better.
The eMachines disk is one you created or one supplied with the PC or Laptop?
Usually the restore disk operation will load onto at least two DVDs and more often 3 disks so make sure you load in the right order.
I assume you mean you have booted on to 2 PCs (not cps as your question stated) are these both eMachines of the same model number? If not then yes it will mess them up, the discs are designed to work for a specific brand name machine (emachine in this case) and a model or series number, loading onto a different brand or a self built machine will result in the wrong chipset loading and you will only get a BSOD assuming it loads at all. Many of these Restore disks need either a tag present in the BIOS to verify the brand and/or model, or the boot loader software from the program that created the disc hads to be present on the Hard Drive, if you have changed boards and/or hard drives then many of these discs will not work.
The best option is borrow a Windows DVD from a friend (or download one - a genuine one) and load Windows from that, the drivers you can get via the internet, all you need is a friend to allow you to download the LAN driver before you start if your machine is not working and the rest you can do once the LAN is working.
for a legal download of W7 then go here
you will need to unpack the iso before you burn it, unless you use something like Nero or Ultra ISO that will unpack it as it burns the disc.


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  • R H answered 2 years ago
    The reason no-one has answered this is because the question makes no sense. Can you give a bit more information? Laptop? Desktop? Model no, operating system, and exactly what is not working, error messages etc. If you don't know, get yourself a copy of 'Belarc Advisor', freely available on the internet, which will give you a quick technical overview of your system.
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