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Psychiatrist problem, is she just in it for the money or does she sound legit to you?

This all started one day when I was SHOCKED and utterly scared and stressed out about finding out that I had hemorrhoids. My stupid little brain always thinks lumps lead to cancer and death so I got so scared.. after realizing that it was somehow common I calmed down but my feelings and emotions and desires for everything I used to love went away. This stressed me out and scared me even more.. It's still stressing me out right now ! I was searching on the internet and found this:

"periodic numbing of emotions: Although your emotions may be very intense at some times, at other times they may be so much the opposite that you may feel dull, empty, numb or completely shut down. You may feel emotionally dead or like a robot without feelings. You may feel remarkably detached and estranged from others. You may feel that you can't even generate feelings of love in your most treasured relationships. You may lose interest or feelings of enjoyment for your favorite pastimes, eating or sex. Even though others may think you are doing better at these times compared to periods when you are intensely reliving the trauma, it may alarm you to feel so benumbed and lacking in feeling. Again, this is a part of the normal response to trauma. Just as the iris controls the amount of light entering your eye in order to protect the retina, or, just as the body secretes natural anesthetic after a physical injury, so, too, does your system mobilize to protect you from being overwhelmed after trauma by numbing your feelings."

My psych diagnosed me with bipolar/mood disorder and she gave me depakote to take. It's a mood stabilizer. She also mentioned something about the one above, she says that it's a defense mechanism to not feel traumatized and hurt again..

but my problem here is I WANT to feel again. I want to be excited and feel love and happiness for my boyfriend my family and the things I love to do. Now it's like I don't have any interests and nothing makes me happy! I just want to feel again because I don't want to live life thinking that I don't love the people that I know I love and the things I love as well...

How do I reverse this ? Am I really bipolar or have a mood disorder or just traumatized ? (I know hemorrhoids are something shallow but l didn't think so at that time)

Will the medication help? I just want to feel my emotions again and I LOVE these people that I don't feel anything for at the moment but I KNOW I love them.. I don't want to get used to feeling nothing for my boyfriend, friends and family because it might stay this way forever! Please please ... I really need some enlightenment...Please help me!

Also, has anyone experienced this too ? Please share how it's going.. if not, please leave your EMAIL so we can chat about this.. I'm really scared I'm not going to be who I was before... when that's what I REALLY WANT.


Wth. I clarified some of the symptoms my psych was questioning me about through text and she said that she's 'Seeing signs of a mood disorder' and she didn't say Bi-polar exactly.. I asked her if she could give the name for it and she said 'We'll discuss it next time when we see each other.' She told me I could ask anything over text or call and she'd answer but she's not answering me ! Do you guys think she wants to help me or she just wants the money? Hint: I live in a Third-world country

Oh, and btw, she didn't even take my blood pressure or make me sign up a personal record. I don't know about in the case of psychiatrists but aren't they supposed to do that before prescribing ANY meds? I mean, she just gave me some out of the blue and told me I have to take it for at least a dang year! How is she so sure when she doesn't even know anything about how my body works? She isn't even sure about my condition. She only said it MAY be Bipolar 2 because she sees some symptoms of it but she's not even sure!


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    Your case does not sound surprising at all, sounds like your doctor made the right call to me. Its not necessary to take any physical readings before prescribing medication unless you have a disease or disorder that would make it necessary. Also, you can't ever expect a psychiatrist to be "sure" of a diagnosis, most psych disorders lack a physical sure-fire way of diagnosing (its not like she can scan your brain and figure out exactly what you have) she has to go of what you tell her and what she observes.

    And also, since when do people living in third world countries have computers, internet connections and access to psychiatric care and medication? What country do you live in and where? I'm legitimately curious.

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