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Who are trained better, the British Army or the US Marine Corps (Infantry)?

Who are OBJECTIVELY trained better.. the USMC or BA for Infantry?

Please do not just pick one or the other because you're from the UK or US or not explain your answer.

I am comparing them because they are roughly the same size (100,000 troops in each) and both have 14 & 13 weeks of Phase I training / Boot Camp, and an additional 14 weeks of advanced infantry training each.

So.. who does more PT, etc etc.

In the US, the USMC are held in high regard and well respected, and they say that their Boot Camp is hell, but the BA train for the same amount of time and there's no hype about them at all, unless it's the Paras or the Royal Marines.


John, since the USMC mainly fought in the Pacific, not very much.

There is an "s" in Corps.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
    Favourite answer

    Small questions How many of My 5 thumbs down have ever served and what don't they like about the Truth

    there is Not a single Lie In Any of My answers

    end of edit the Marines are In fact the NAVYS Amphibious soldiers and NOT Special Forces so why would they receive better training than the US army

    the equivalent of the Marines are the Royal Marines Not the British army and either way the British arm is and always has been better trained how do i Know well in WW2 the Marines did the pacific and the US army did europe Including all the Amphibious landing

    there was NOT one member of the USMC on any beach On D Day so how can the Marines be trained better than the British when they never were trained better then the US army

    I would Like to point out it was the US Coast Guard driving the landing craft for the americans at Omaha and Utah But the British landed the Americans at du Hock

    there is No competition the British army has always been Better trained than any member of the American Military the Need to be Because of Smaller Numbers here is a clue

    when I was In the RAF

    I worked with explosives as in EOD Guided Missiles Unguided Missiles Bombs up to 22,000 Lbs

    Guns from .22" to the Phalanx and the 30 mm aden Gun I could refuel all the Aircraft used By the RAF from 1939 to about 1965 i worked a om all types of egress systems from Martin Baker Mk1 to the Mark 14

    Oh yes i also had a Top Secret security Clearance to work on Nuclear weapons Done BY MI5 and the CIA because I was Overseas when the Clearance was done show me any member of the USAF that can Match that and in those days i was Only a Cpl

    Today i am A retired warrant Officer who served 38 years In explosives Ordnance I survived Hitlers Blitz on London and spend some of My spare studding WW2 and In My 38 years Have Never met any member of the US military as well Trained as those who are Trained Under the British system

    Less People = better training in More areas some US Marine In Australia abused me because I am a Black man who was actually as an explosives Tradesmen was doing an Aircraft's Electricians Job on a Hercules and this fool a Lieutenant actually ordered me to carry his stupid Bags is Racism part of the USMC training they yes they are Better trained in that Area

    Source(s): I worked with the USMC in Vietnam and when asked to do EOD IED in the Middle east after the first Gulf war and found out the US Marines were there turned the Job down I will not work with an allie that is Racist
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  • You've already noted that they have similar training periods. However one thing you've omitted is the fact the British Army is not amphibious infantry, whereas the US Marine Corps is. The British Army infantry regiments consist of the Rifles (5 battalions, also the largest regiment of the British Army), the Footguards (senior infantry regiments) - which includes the Grenadiers, the Coldstreams, the Scots Guards, the Irish Guards and the Welsh Guards. The Parachute Regiment is another regiment, considered the elite in the British Army. None of the units mentioned so far are dedicated amphibious infantry. They are line infantry or 'heavy' line infantry, albeit they train as amphibious to some degree but are not dedicated like the USMC is.

    The Marine Corps 'provides power projection from the sea', and while it is separate from the Navy it is more comparable to Her Majesty's Royal Marines, who have a similar role.

    The Royal Marines Commando are the Marine Corps and amphibious infantry of the UK, however they are considered an elite unit among the Navy. Royal Marines Commando are trained to a far higher standard than the US Marines, with a 6 Month basic training regime and Herculean fitness standards. The Royal Marines' style of warfare is entirely unconventional with little emphasise on the use of combined arms tactics - they are trained to fight with no support, in other words. Although it's not always the case, USMC is usually an entirely conventional fighting force.

    The Royal Marines attrition rate is above %80, meaning only 2 out of every 10 applicants pass the grueling training regime. They are far superior to the USMC in my opinion.

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  • 8 years ago

    We all get taught the same basic knowledge, I'm in the Corps and I love it so of course I'm going to tell you how great the Corps is, however when it comes down to it the basic training times for recruits and infantry school it doesn't correlate to performance in combat. None of these Marines or soldiers end training after 26 weeks (RA) or 22 weeks (USMC combined basic and SOI) training is continuous and by the time the forces are deployed each troop has endured something close to a year of training for the job. Also USMC combined training may be shorter but damn our boot camp aint no joke, I have friends in the Royal Army who went in ******* and came out *******, the Corps has never produced such disappointing results hence us being held in such high regard, our basic training is also more combat oriented than basic training for other forces around the world.

    Source(s): UK citizen and USMC grunt
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  • Essex
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    @ Woody

    Except that isn't true.

    A British Army Infantryman is ready for war after Phase I and Phase II basic training.

    The 13 weeks for the USMC is what EVERYONE goes through. Then they go on to the rest of their training. After recruit training USMC Infantry then go on for additional 8 1/2 weeks of specialized infantry training. USMC Infantry train for 21+ weeks. Not 13. This is similar to the Phase I and Phase II system in the British Army. US Army Infantry train for longer than 10 weeks as well. They go through OSUT. Not regular 10 week basic training. As of 2012 US Army Infantry train for 15-17 weeks. Don't quote me on that though. It's somewhere around that mark.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    You have singled out the infantry, specifically. So grunt riflemen.

    This isn't really a fair comparison considering the USMC and British Army are trained to fight different types of warfare.

    The Marine Expeditionary Units conduct amphibious beach and air landings and are generally not equipped effectively for heavy engagements. An Army on the other hand, while slower to deploy, is much more heavily armed and better equipped for sustained combat.

    Soooo which one is going to be subject to more adverse conditions when facing the same threat? The USMC.

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  • Woody
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    British army

    The British army do 26 weeks basic training whilst the U.S marines only do 13 weeks basic training.

    Royal Marines (UK) - 32 weeks

    Combat Infantrymen (UK) - 26 weeks

    French Foreign Legion - 15 weeks

    US Marines - 13 weeks

    US Army - 10 weeks

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  • 8 years ago

    When the "s h* t hits the fan" or the bullets start to fly, both will fight and kill to stay alive. The question is mute. A famous Green Beret Barry Sadler, once said "THERE IS NO GLORY IN WAR."

    The older men of the world hype up the young men and in the case of the Islamics, boys as young as age 7 SEVEN to go out and die for a cause, believing the stupid lie that 72 virgins are waiting on them in heaven. In the UK and USA they get the honor of being buried in a cool looking uniform, all because of the older men in the Capitol of what ever country they are in, sending them to one war after another for thousands of years.. You will love this link. I am impressed myself by the Green Berets, and I am a former U.S. Marine. Google Barry Sadler

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 8 years ago

    US military came from the british military . So they train the same to this day . I have heard the Royal Navy has 6 months of training while the US Navy has 8 weeks of basic followed by a year of trade school kinda training . They are both great forces .

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  • Jay L
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I really don't think there is a comparison. the objective of each unit is so different it is hard to compare.

    Basically Marines are designed to be shock troops. We were supposed to hit the beaches and clear them for the army to come in and clear out the in land after we took the beach head. I know that is not how it works today in Iraq and Afghan, but that is how it was supposed to work.

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