Help with Windows 7 Installation?

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OK, I have a Samsung Laptop. The laptop has 4gb RAM The laptop came pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit The laptop does not recognize the full 4gb RAM I want to run more
Update : My laptop is compatible with 64bit. Normally if you buy a computer/laptop more
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1. Yes you can use your licence key with either the 32 or 64 bit version of the same OS, so if you have W7 Home Premium the key will work on both. You need to use the same service pack version as well, if your original install is without SP1 then you will need a pre-SP1 DVD.

2. It is unlikely you will get a "free" disk from Samsung as they do not supply them in the first place, you will not get one from Microsoft unless you buy a licence to go with the disk. As you already have one there is no point.
Your issue is going to be the drivers and preloaded software. You can download the 64 bit drivers from Samsung, much of the software pre-installed will not be available on the site unless it is produced by Samsung.
You can download (legally) a copy of Windows 7 here, make sure you choose the correct language and the 64 bit edition from the list.


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  • Rude Boy answered 2 years ago
    No,you can't do that,32 bit and 64 bit different,
    that is not possible.
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  • Laurence I answered 2 years ago
    no and no
    and what exactly will this upgrade do for you?

    the most likely reason you cant get all your 4gb ram
    is that some of it has been stolen by your onboard intel HD video

    steal some back by entering the BIOS and giving it a bit less, if thats whats worrying you.

    this upgrade would be pointless.
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