Need help with psuedocode...not sure how to set it up.?

Allow the user to inter a series of temperature in degrees Celsius (c) terminated by the input of -999. For each one find the corresponding temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (f). The conversion formula is:

Compute F = (9 * c/5) + 32 (Psuedocode)

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  • Runa
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    9 years ago
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    float it, ot;

    get it

    loop while it not = 999)


    print it, ot

    get it

    end loop

  • 9 years ago

    float it, ot;

    scanf("%f", &it);

    while(it !=-999)



    printf("%f %f\n", it, ot);

    scanf("%f", &it);


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