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Is losing money more emotionally intense than getting money?

Let's say you find ten bucks on the ground.

Pretty awesome.

Let's say the next day that money falls out of your pocket somewhere and its lost to you forever.

Is that bad feeling of losing that money more intense than the feeling of excitement/happiness/whatever that you feel when you find money on the ground?

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    I would say losing the money is more intense, because I would get extremely frustrated with myself and probably not stop thinking about what I could of used the money for.

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    4 years ago

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    My answer is it depends. In psychology their is a sphere to find out what makes people really happy and its called" positive psychology."

    I suggest you look up something called the "hedonic treadmill" and then positive psychology in general.

    But and simply answer is in the long run (depending on what else happens to you in the near future and your generic disposition) the money you found and lost will not affect you that much.

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    It depends on how the person thinks.

    If you don't care for money, then gaining it or earning it is nothing to you.

    If you absolutely live for money/like money then you feel as if luck loves you if you found money, or if Zeus struck you by lightning if you lost it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Losing it is more emotional because getting it is okay nice day, but losing it is taking something away that you realize now how it affected your life. Its hurts to lose than to gain. But harder to gain than to lose

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