CHEMISTRY - please can you define these please? Brønsted base...Lewis acid & Conjugate base?

Please can you define these please and help mee!!

Brønsted base...Lewis acid & Conjugate base???

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    A Brønsted-Lowry Base is a substance or solution that is a proton acceptor.

    A Brønsted-Lowry Acid is a substance or solution that is a proton donor.

    A Lewis Acid is a substance that can accept a lone pair to complete its electron configuration.

    H+ is an example of a Lewis Acid.

    I'm not sure on a Conjugate Base, but a quick Google search return this definition:

    A conjugate base is the base member, X-, of a pair of compounds that transform into each other by gaining or losing a proton. The conjugate base gains or absorbs a proton in a chemical reaction.

    This information came from here:

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