Is the time ripe for a change of name for Prime Ministers Questions?

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Perhaps to something like "Cameron makes a fool of himself again and has to resort to personal insults and schoolboy jokes". The whole front bench were having problems more
Update : Labourlist is an independent blogger alky, entitled to his opinion, Balls more
Update 2: alky, the "letter" is from one of those tiresome people with more
Update 3: Blissful alky, blissful
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  • Alan answered 2 years ago
@ disgruntled. It is so typical and boring to read the same insult time after time after time by Tory supporters on this site. All you can say to anything to do with Labour or Socialism is to fling the insult 'LEFTIES'.

Let me tell you something, if you are not a super rich dyed in the wool, right wing Conservative, then you must be one of the working class Tory supporters who read the Daily Mail or the Sun for your inspirational mud slinging. The lying propagandist rags who praise Cameron and his flock for wrecking the NHS and robbing the poorest and most vulnerable in the land instead of attacking the tax evaders who could reduce this countries deficit by over a billion pounds a year.

What the Labour party think of Ed Milliband is clear for everyone to see. I wonder how many Tory MP's would dare to write what they REALLY think of Cameron on a public platform? None I would guess, because they would fear losing the power they took by dictat after the last election.

Ed Milliband may not be the most popular leader of the Labour Party, but he has far more popularity than Cameron right now and as time goes on, Cameron's popularity can only get worse.

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Cheers Alan.

They say ignorance is bliss...
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  • Adam answered 2 years ago
    The cat without Gruntle,it's the Opinion of a Failed candidate,not Fact.
    The Whole PMQ farce has been a pointless exercise for Years.
    It serves no useful purpose,because it is about sound bites(nibbles),not Facts.
    The exchange of meaningless statistics and evasions.
    Not a Shining Star moment in Our Countries Political Week.
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  • navi answered 2 years ago
    You may be right, but it will never be "The people's Questions Time).
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  • Disgruntled the Cat with the Hat answered 2 years ago
    Lol no Milliband and Balls turn PMQ's a pointless fith form bitchfest session yet again!

    Please read link for what the Labour party really think about Ed

    Dear Ed,

    I do wonder how often you receive letters from party members and whether they all start by saying how long they have been party members. In my case it is 21 years. As a 15-year-old I was going to be part of a tidal wave sweeping Neil Kinnock to power. I was optimistic in those days.

    Since then I have been a parliamentary candidate twice, a school governor and a councillor – generally what you would call an activist. I grew up in the party; my parents were councillors, my mother was a parliamentary candidate three times, my grandfather was a party agent and my great grandfather was the chair of Poplar Labour Party. I’m saying that this party is in my DNA.

    All of this makes my current concerns very hard to resolve; mainly that I no longer have any faith that the Labour Party will make a better society – or even wants to do so. This is a feeling that I have been trying to ignore for some time, but I think it is time to raise it with you.

    Firstly, the party’s attitude to democracy is pitiful. Internally, it’s a joke and the people and factions competing for power seem to despise party members. I had hoped your review led by Peter Hain would tackle this problem but what came out of that was not a meaningful change from the current state.

    It might be forgivable if this rejection of democracy were just an internal thing, but the party’s approach to democracy for the public is just as qualified. After the expenses scandal, Gordon Brown let a lot of basically dirty MPs off the hook and then offered the weakest possible reform to parliamentary accountability (AV) as a sop to the electoral reform movement.

    After the election, all it would have taken to have shown some vision and understanding would be for one of the putative leaders to say how ridiculous AV is and have proposed an amendment to the Bill to allow for a third option of STV. But no candidate was willing to upset one third of the electoral college – the MPs – by suggesting there was anything wrong in principle with safe seats.

    Your election as Leader also upset me because the party was so desperate to elect someone who would recant the sins of New Labour that they refused to consider whether you actually meant it or whether you would be any good at the job of leading. It shocked me that anyone believed your proclaimed principles when at no time in your career had you espoused them before standing for the leadership. It shocked me that party members, unions and MPs would back you regardless of the fact that you were so clearly not up to the job, have no vision for Britain and can’t communicate very well. That said, I hoped I would be proved wrong once you had won.

    Your leadership has shown me how lacking in vision you and Ed Balls are in particular but your team is in general. You talk nonsense about good companies and bad companies as though companies can have ethics. It’s not about companies, it’s the people who make decisions who are, or are not, ethically driven. And your confusing position on austerity is simply small minded.

    Austerity may be a necessity but our party, with our values, ought to be standing up for people. And if that means “embracing” austerity, that should be conditional on an outright mission to attack the cost of living for the people who will have to pay for austerity. You know that the major cost of living is housing and that’s driven by a perverse, ever-inflating housing market. But you won’t push for real, meaningful policies that would reduce this overweight cost because any such policy would take the heat out of the housing market and lead to house price deflation. You won’t countenance policies to help the many if the few who will pay are Daily Mail reading swing voters in marginal seats.

    This is the core of your problem. Because you believe in power over principle, you can’t tell the difference between vision and triangulation. You think you can keep the left just enough on side through pointless attacks on individual bankers’ bonuses or honours and that you can win the centre ground by attacking the unions and embracing austerity. This ridiculous lack of vision means that I have to wait to see what your latest quote is to know whether – this week – the party’s left wing or right.

    @ Adam as I mentioned at the top, it has become a pointless bitchfest, not about policy but about point scoring!

    @ Jack, he has no policies, not one, the cupboard is totally bare the unions put him there as their puppet he cribs and criticises but he has no answers, his questions are pointless heckling!

    Come off it Jack, Ed is also a spoilt little rich boy and career politician, tbh they all are and that is the problem, none of them on either side have walked the walk in real life!


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