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mailer-daemon email... virus?

I received an email from mailer-daemon. I had actually sent an email to that email address a few days before, and opened the email. Inside was a message saying something like the person had tried and tried to send it, but that there was an error. And there was a lot of gibberish underneath, maybe some kind of code. Anyway, I'm scared that my computer is infected by a virus due to that email (you know, the rumors of a virus through mailer-daemon). I ran a full scan using microsoft security essentials. It didn't detect any threats. Anyway, I just want to know your opinions as to whether it IS a virus, or isn't. The mailer-daemon email didn't have the email that I sent, but a bunch of letters like some kind of code. I don't remember if there were any attachments, and I deleted the email from my inbox, and then from my trash after I opened it.

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    If it was just one and you had sent a message to that address, then this just means the message could not be delivered for some reason. Sometimes it can take a day or two for you to get the mailer daemon if they keep retrying to send to the person's account

    If you had a virus or malware you'd find many mailer daemon notices in your inbox from addresses you did not send mail to recently

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