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What is it about a lady that can attract a Virgo man's eye?

I've heard they are very discriminating about the kinds of people they are attracted to/like. So what is it about a girl that can catch a Virgo man's eye, especially if he isn't friends with her. And he's always surrounded by good-looking, outgoing girls but isn't attached...

What can make her stand out from a crowd and make him have feelings for her for a long time? And he has loads of Virgo in his chart: sun/merc/venus/mars... the lady is a sun cap.


But I'm sure there is something about her vibe or physical appearance that draws him in, and makes him want to "analyze" and know her right

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    virgo's are analytical, they seldom go on first impressions, it's an earth sign thing, call it anal, but they like detail, substance - it can be pretty unromantic, but my hunch is (and I'm a Virgo) that he'd be more interested in what's going on inside you than what you're like on the outside

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    im a virgo woman and i know there are some few virgo men that are decent but yes they can be discriminating as well. Best thing to do is be original and real. None of that pretending you're outgoing and "fun".

    i knew one virgo man who went out with a 50 year old women but broke up because she couldnt give him he stupid? most virgo men can be so degrading even i wanna puke on them!

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    Am a virgo as well and the only way out I feel attracted is by the manner in which a lady carries herself and approaches me the way she talks matters a lot as well.

  • OK so a Virgo friend of mine said this about the kind of women he doesn't want. I hope it helps!!

    ''As far as I'm concerned, a women who buys a round of Y-bombs and an opening drink, aint the women I want to be with. If you're a women and act like one you'll be treated like one''.

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    They like beauty and somebody who is crazy about them but is different in their own little way. They are really shy so you may need to go up to him and rub behind his ears like a puppy...he should respond then.

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    Source(s): The Tao of Badass
  • she's a lady who is above him?

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