How to set up basic Arithmetic in Computer Programming Concept - Pesdocode?

I know how to do basic math, but I am unsure how to set it up in my program. For example I have seen something like 3-3 set up like +3-3+. What I mean is do I put them in "" or do I put them in () Them meaning math problems. Like the other day I had to do a program on someone shopping on line. I did not know how to put the sum or total in the program how do you write then in. I hope I am understood here....I really need help on this

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  • 9 years ago

    You are confusing but I'll try my best.

    In programming, there is many ways to do one thing.

    Putting your numbers(data-type) into " " quotes turn them into string data-types which can not be calculated. Putting them in ( ) determines which calculation has to be executed first and in what order depending on how many parenthesis where used.

    Because the sum or total are likely to change over time, assign them to a variable. Use that variable in your program.

    Now: You as a programmer, you MUST pay attention to DETAILS and that INCLUDES, HOW you EXPLAIN a PROBLEM that needs a SOLUTION.

    Please, revise the problem above.

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