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Please read this short TRUE story and tell me... does it make you feel powerful and great?

Woman kills would-be rapist

Herald Reporter

A 22-YEAR-OLD Chiweshe man died instantly after a woman he attempted to rape overpowered him when she tugged at his genitals.

The two had met at Rwere Business Centre in Chief Makopes area in Chiweshe on November 1.

The man, Wonder Kazingizi (22), had offered to accompany Erica Maramba who had just got off a bus on her way to a memorial service at Mahere homestead in Mudzamiri Village.

On the way, Kazingizi proposed love to Maramba but his proposal was turned down.

He allegedly started fondling Maramba in an attempt to be intimate with her.

She maintained her calm and pretended she was accepting the advances.

When Kazingizi had relaxed and thought he was having it his way, Maramba went for the most delicate part of his body.

The woman suddenly grabbed Kazingizis genitals and started pulling them until he lost consciousness.

Maramba continued pulling until Kazingizi died on the spot.

She further assaulted him with a stone on the head and knees.

The woman reported the incident to police at Bare Police Station two days later.

Mashonaland Central provincial police spokesperson Inspector Dawson Mahonde said the incident occurred around 8.30pm last Friday.

"Kazingis body was recovered on Monday by his father and has since been taken to Howard Hospital for a post-mortem," Insp Mahonde said.

He said the man was on police wanted list in connection with several other rape cases committed in the area.

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    I would feel Powerful. Like nothing could touch me. Like I just killed a man and got away with it. smh you can't touch this.... I'd feel so wonderful :D

  • TD
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    9 years ago

    It doesnt make me feel powerful and great I had nothing to do with it, but it sure makes me feel better, knowing a person like that is no longer around to attack innocent people!!

    He deserved everything he got and how poetic he died by having the one thing he couldnt control pulled to oblivion!!

    GOOD ON HER!!!

  • Eric
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    9 years ago

    Am I happy the woman was able to defend herself and not be raped, absolutely, Am I happy that one person killed another No. Did he deserve to die? Well that is something you have to decide.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    no it does not --- i applaud the lady she is very strong very independent ---- personally i think he got exactly what he deserved ---- im not sure if a darwin award would be appropriate but she should get something good for her acts

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