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Any suicide ideas...............?

My life is ****, and I have no reason to live, can you help me get out of the pain that I'm in?

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    Are you deformed in a way that makes it impossible for you to live a normal life? Are you handicapped on more than half of your body? Do you get physically tortured every day or almost every day? Many people has to live like that. Some kill themselves, but most people fight with their teeth and nails to survive and not loose to the bad things in their lives.

    I don't know what you're going through, but i know a lot of people who get depressed and want to give up when they have so much that they take for granted. I also know that thousands and thousands of people all over the world who wants to live more than anything dies because of war, poverty and corruption. These people didn't have a choice. Perhaps some of them were suicidal, but they still had no choice, no chance to change their minds. Millions of mothers has had to watch their children die in front of them, children who never got the chance to taste life. Children has had to see their parents die, people all over the world have lost sisters, brothers, friends, soulmates and other loved ones and many of them never got to say goodbye. My own sister never got to tell her mother that she was pregnant, she never got to show her engagement-ring, and she got married without her mother being there anymore.

    I'm not trying to force you into anything and i won't tell you what to do or how selfish you are or anything like that. All i'm trying show you is that YOU have a choice. Dying is something you can do whenever you want, and one day you're going to die anyways, but to get to live is a one time deal. Once you're dead you'll never get a second chance. So I beg you, if you have any chance to change your life, move away to a brand new place, get a shrink to help you or if there's ANY possibility at all for you to be able to do something with your life, then don't waste it on giving up now. And if you absolutely don't want to live anymore, then atleast join the army or rob a bank or start voulenteering or something. Cause if you don't want to live for you, then at least live to make someone else's life better. It's better to just suffer through the days in hope of something better than to waste your only and last chance to get to really live. Do everything you can do with your life before giving up, cause you don't have anything to loose anyways if you're already planning on killing yourself.

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    what going to happen after you die how will you face the hell fire? on the day of judgement when every soul will be asked about what they did in their life and what was their purpose you'll be busy recovering from the way you died as you suffer from it again and again....would you want that or would you rather be with the pure in heaven? Im asking you to seek help from he who created you not give up and be a wimp. suicide is so not cool all the weirdos do that...

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    To Write Love On Her Arms.

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    Stop reading shitty twilight and go outside stop wishing u were a vampire

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    you're looking for attention, stop being dramatic

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