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Magic: the Gathering, Regeneration question.?

This is the case. My friend plays Olivia Voldaren, who has flying. He adds an enchantment that gives her the Regeneration ability.

I then play Stingerfling Spider, which lets me destroy any flying creature when it (my spider) enters the battlefield, which in this case would be Olivia Voldaren. Can my friend prevent this by using the Regeneration ability on Olivia Voldaren? If Olivia is tapped?

Thank you.

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    Yes, they can. Using a Regenerate ability puts a Regeneration Sheild on the creature. This shield says "The next time this creature would be destroyed this turn, prevent that destruction, remove all damage on the creature, tap the creature, and remove it from combat."

    Even though it taps the creature in the effect, the sheild has no cost to it, so the tapping is not part of the cost (it's an effect). Effects are resolves as completely as possible, but do not have to be completely possible (or even possible at all, technically).

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    The previous answerer is wrong. Regeneration prevents the creature from being destroyed by both lethal damage and destroy effects. And yes your friend can use regeneration to protect olivia from spider's ability. This also applies if she is tapped except if the regeneration ability has tap in it's cost.

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    Being tapped has no effect on the ability to use regeneration, using regeneration will cause the creature to become tapped if it isn't already.. but tapping the creature is not part of the activation cost of regeneration.

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    Regeneration protects from one "death" for each time regen is activated. This includes death during the battle phase and effects like doom blade.

    Unless soemthing in the regeneration ability says the creatures needs to be tapped to activate it, tapping makes no difference.

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    yes the regeneration will let it regenerate and not destroy, even if olivia is tap, you can still active it's regeneration power... =)

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    no because regenerate doesn't regenerate them if from destroy just damage.

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