How happy will China, Russia and India be if Iran is attacked?

India and China have the biggest economies in the world. Russia has also a large economy.

They refuse to bow to the US pressure of not buying oil from Iran. So as things stand, the 3 nations (plus many other) will be buying oil from Iran.

If Iran is attacked/ Invaded, how upset will they be that the oil is being disrupted?

Lets reverse this question; what if Russia and its allies attacked Saudi Arabia (who are the largest oil producer to us in the west). The oil will be disrupted to us, prices will shoot up. We would not be happy.

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    9 years ago
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    Another pearut brained tosser, we seem to have hundreds on here on about raiding or nukpng other countries. OPne muppett was on about nuking Europe and all retarde mates mates agreed with him. Does America have a problem with a huge uneducated retad society. Certaily appears to be.

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    Interesting question. If Iran are attacked by the US then obviously they will be conquered within a few days. But the question is with the US in control of Iran's oil supply would it keep the supply flowing as it was or will they take more for themselves, or cut off oil to Russia or maybe China, or to all three. This is the real question. Personally I think the invasion of Iran won't happen, all the nuclear scientists are being assassinated and they also know if they actually build a nuclear weapon Israel and the US will invade them.

    If they go through with building a nuclear weapon which is unlikely as Israel's military is far superior, and is constantly watching them. So they wont build a nuke and oil supplies wont be reduced to anyone in the US Russia China or India as all those nations are too powerful to have Iran messing them around. If they want they could force Iran to give them oil.

    Iran has no hold over anything, they could be allowed to build nuclear weapons by the US and Israel but they wouldn't be able to use them against any of the said countries as their missile technology is so massively inferior that they could launch 100 nukes literally and Israel would shoot them all down in space with anti ballistic missiles and lasers. Think about how high - tech the Israeli military is then you realise Iran's position, then you have the US which can also shoot them down with warships nearby.

    Iran can't do ****, if people want their oil they will get it, and if they don't want Iran to build nukes they can stop them, even if they do they can't use them.

  • 9 years ago

    Iran exports the majority of its oil to just 5 nations.

    Russia and India aren't even on the list.

    Those 5 countries are China, Japan, India, Italy and South Korea.

    Link -

    (And 3 of the 5 currently have sanctions in place against Iran.)

    The 3 nations with the world's largest oil reserves (Saudi Arabia, Canada and Venezuela) can easily assume Iran's place as primary exporters to those 5 countries.

    China's already negotiating with Canada over increasing its oil purchase volume.

    So in reality, there's no reason for anyone to be upset over this.

    Except, of course, Iran's regime at having its plans for atomic jihad frustrated.

    Link -

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    Iran is not some poor victim in this situation. They want to weaponize their nuclear power and no one is happy about that, including tons of Iranians. They want to do this so they can stay a locked down country that oppresses and silences it's citizens and also to have more power in the world. Even their allies like Russia and China don't trust them.

    Attacking Iran would be short sighted and immature. We don't live in a Cowboys and Indians world but apparently, some countries think we do.

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  • 9 years ago

    They are not going to be happy campers. Russia has some trade agreements with Iran & has also been against the US bombing Iran..

    There will be NO invasion, only bombing of nuclear facilities and the rest will depend on how Iran responds.

    This could provoke the "Battle of Armageddon" or we would call it WW3 -


  • 9 years ago

    Why does the US not take measures like Japan and other countries to reduce their dependence on oil imports and increase efficiency for the oil that is used? Surely those would be wiser than having to invade other countries for something that is finite.

  • 9 years ago

    Its quite a sticky situation for the US

    The dynamics of the world are changing - and with medias like the internet around, the populace can find the info themselves without being told what to believe

  • 9 years ago

    Russia would be delighted as it would boost oil prices and her arms exports. Russia is happy to let other countries fight her wars

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    9 years ago

    hope you're on some kind of arrest list.

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