wdyt of these names plus BQ?

PLEASE do not just say which 1 you like better. I want your opinion on ALL of the names

last name is WINCHESTER

Jeriad Douglas Ross(can not change any part)

Jaydan Samuel Dean(will not change middle name. if you change 1st name it MUST start with J)

Jonavan Cullen Clarence(will not change any part. Cullen isn't bc Twilight)

Jacob Tyler Patrick(Jacob isn't because of Twilight)

Julianna Teresa Jo(not changing)

Jeria Elisabeth Diane(will not change)

Genevieve Grace Lynn(will not change Genevieve)

Isabella Caylee Marie

what middles go with these 1st names(2 middle names each)




















if your not gonna give the info I want then do not answer.

Update 2:

Jeria & Jeriad is important bc my fiancees name is Jeriad.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I dont like the spelling of Jeriad, i have no idea how to pronounce it. You should have put and side note telling us how

    I like Jaydan, but spell it Jayden with and E. It is very nice

    Jonavan is very unique, i have never heard of it. Though, i really like it, a lot. Great name

    Jacob is a nice name, i like it

    Julianna is so pretty! I like it

    Jeria, eh, i dont like it

    Genevieve I dont like, but it has many beautiful nicknames that come with it

    Isabella is overused, it has kind of lost its apeal with me, not terrible

    Jackson Andrew Leon

    Jadrian Caycee Breen

    James Anthony Maurice

    Jase Cameron Alexander

    Jason Orion James

    Jasper Cadence Nicolas

    Jaylan Juniper Alexander

    Jeremiah Jackson Theodore

    John Tyler Alexander

    Jordan Robert Daniel

    Joseph Peter Rinaldo

    Joshua Cameron Vincent

    Josiah Robert Alexander

    Jost Madrid Oreon

    Judah Alexander Bryce <3

    Julian Andrew Gussly

    Justin Breen Martin

  • Snid
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    9 years ago

    I am not fond of two middle names. My Mom went through that her whole 73 years and she HATED it.

    Do not like Jeriad at all so the rest is a do not like as well since I can't change it.

    Do not like Jaydan. Especially that spelling. Samuel Dean again a moot point.

    Well, just ugh. The Cullen whetherit's bc of Twilight or not is the only part I like.

    Jacob Tyler Patrick is the only name i really like out of all of them but not THREE names.

    I like Julianna or Julianna Jo. It doesn't really matter what i like if you aren't changing.

    I like Genevieve but not Grace or Lynn.

    Isabella Caylee Marie. I like Isabella but I can't go with Caylee because of poor little Caylee Anthony.

    I am not playing the which middle names for your massive list because I don't go for two middle names. If I did it would go something like this:

    Jackson Jadrian* James

    Jaren* Jase Jason

    Jasper Jaylan Jeremiah

    John Jordan Joseph

    Joshua Josiah Jost*

    Judah* Juian Justin

    PS * means...are you KIDDING me?

  • 9 years ago

    They are ok. Some are OK. Some are not. I like some more then the other ones i dont like so much...that is alot of j names... maybe a diff letters?

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