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Can you get bupropion (AKA wellbutrin / zyban) in the UK?

Just wondering if anyone here in UK has gotten this drug for depression? Or even just to quit smoking?

Did you get it on NHS prescription? As far as I can see, it doesn't seem to be approved in the UK (for depression...despite the side effects being less, or not no worse than the other antidepressants). Some websites say it HAS just been approved.

If you got it online, which website was it? I've not made up my mind yet what route to take, but if I do buy it online, I'd like somewhere I can trust.

I've researched the different types of antidepressants, and was prescribed two different types of SSRI's (one at a time) about 7 years ago but tapered myself off of them due to the very undesirable side effects (sexual ones, general lethargy and diminished cognitive abilities....basically things that made me feel worse LOL).

After being antidepressant free for some time, and putting up with my symptoms, I'm beginning to feel that a lift would be beneficial. Through plenty time researching, I've discovered that my depression is very much SAD based and pretty mild-moderate, and as such I just need something to "perk" me up (both motivational and emotional), rather than the opposite which the SSRI's seem to do (which work on serotonin vs dopamine etc). It would not be a long term thing, likely just 2-4 months out of the year.

Any info would be really appreciated (especially from any GP's out there!) - thanks!

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    Bupropion (Zyban) is available on prescription in the UK for another of conditions such as depression and ADHD. It is also prescribed to aid smoking cessation.

    Source(s): BNF NHS (NICE)
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    Zyban Uk

  • Anonymous
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    You can obtain 'Bupropion', brand name 'Zyban' and also known as 'Alfebutamone', in the UK but only on prescription from your doctor. It is approved for use as and antidepressant but is now mainly used for the cessation of smoking.

    You say you suffer from depression, but it isn't clear if that has been officially diagnosed medically.

    I'm afraid that no GP will recommend that you self medicate, that you take yourself off prescribed drugs and neither will they recommend you purchase prescription drugs over the internet, simply because you don't know exactly what you are buying.

    Take care.


    If you are experiencing a problem, make an appointment to see your GP and let him/her make a formal diagnosis and if appropriate, medicate you.

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